How Often Do You Travel for Strip Clubs?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Chidude, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Chidude

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    Hey boys! I'm planning to return to Montreal MLK weekend of 2018. I just have such a great time at Campus and Stock...I can't help myself!!

    I haven't booked the trip yet but if I do, it will be my 5th trip to Montreal since Labor Day 2015, averaging one trip every 6-7 months.

    I've been to SR in Atlanta twice in the past 18months. And I have lots of family in South Florida, so I do drop by the Florida clubs when I'm down there visiting family a few times a year.

    Does anyone else make Travel "(S)trips" frequently like I do? Just curious as to how often others on the forum travel out of town for this reason. I think I'm AddicKted :):cool:
  2. Preface by saying I'm not much of a traveller... I research the strip clubs before my (infrequent) trips, but they're rarely the focus of my travel.
  3. EZEtoGRU

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    In 2015, I was in Montreal 14 times. Somewhat less in 2016 due to a serious illness of an immediate family member. 2017 will be lower still due to family issues and the need to stay closer to home. Anyway, those are only the Montreal visits and don't speak of the visits to Florida or Atlanta. I travel a lot to go to strip clubs.
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  4. Kr8zy

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    I don't usually travel specifically to go to strip clubs or bathhouses, but will often see what is available in cities when I am traveling there.

    Alas my travels have been drastically reduced lately, but 4 or 5 years ago I would say I was traveling every other weekend. I only tended to do domestic (domestic including Canada), so I usually maintained Platinum level on an airline. That meant at least 75000 miles flying (well not quite - at certain points you got bonuses - I was doing closer to 55k-60k a year). I know people who do twice that easily. One trip every 6-7 months would probably drive me insane - I need to be on a plane at least once a month before I start getting cranky about it.
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  5. fedssocr1

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    I used to go to Toronto several times a year when Remington's was good. I like the city for regular tourist stuff too, but my main reason for going was the bar. Been to Montreal a couple of times. There I'd say it's 50-50 or so tourism/clubs.

    I've been spending a lot of time in Asia the last decade or so. The gogo bars of Thailand have gotten tiresome and the prices a bit out of control. But I do like the m4m massage places around the region. Some are cheaper than others - Thailand is still fairly reasonable prices in that regard. Hong Kong/Taipei/Singapore are a bit more expensive. I had planned to visit a couple in Seoul when I was there back in the spring but didn't get around to it.

    I did stop in at the Escape male strip club in Prague when I was in town last month.
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  6. Chidude

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    @EZEtoGRU you are a man after my own heart!!
  7. BluDay

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    I used to travel to Atlanta every month to visit Swinging Richards, but a job change and move put an end to that. I still visit Atlanta somewhat and arrange my trips so I can go to SR. I've not been to a lot of other cities with strip clubs. Corner Pocket in Houston wasn't as good (less nudity and no privates). Stock in Montreal had privates, but they weren't as roomy as SR's. The dancers at Oz are too tatted for me, and again no privates. I lucked out with a great dancer at New Orleans's Rainbow Room, but I'm not sure it's still open, and I gather I was lucky and got an exception not the rule.

    I'd love to have more nude strip clubs with places I could take a man who turned me on to a private area for a bit.
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  8. pdxleo

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    I try to arrange my business trips to include at least one night for fun, or make a layover in a place where I can get out- once the comptroller asked me why I booked so many flights with an overnight in St Louis, that was a tad awkward! Will be slowing down in "18, but the last dozen years have had lots of hot sweaty memories.
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    Great question ! I don't generally plan a trip just to go to strip clubs other than 3 or 4 Montreal trips over the years . But like others on here, I definitely plan strip club visits while I am traveling for other reasons. I will extend my trip for a day or two in NYC or South Florida . I also volunteer to get bumped from my flight in Atlanta if it means an overnight stay ;)
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  10. Interesting topic! I used to travel to NYC frequently when the Gayiety and several other strip clubs were open. But Mayor Guilliani put a stop to that! When I vacation, I usually try for places where I know a strip club exists. Therefore I frequent Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, and perhaps Atlanta. And recently I made a trip to southern IL to work in Boxers N Briefs.
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  11. leeper

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    I also used to travel to NYC to go the the Gaiety. There was a gentlemen - NY Observer, if I recall correctly, who used to post info on the new dancers for the week on Monday or Tuesday. These same dancers would be there through the weekend and I would plan an impromptu trip to the city for that weekend if there was a dancer that I was especially interested in seeing. I still really miss that place.
  12. Chidude

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    I wish I could have experienced the Gaiety in all of its glory. Sounds like quite a wonderful place in time!
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