HOT Flogging video.

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by whipped guy, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. whipped guy

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  2. bigvalboy

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    Brilliant, and a search of 'pornotube' will provide a lot of entertainment.;)
  3. sync

    sync Count

    It's lost on me. That sub has way too much I would like to appreciate rather than abuse. :p
  4. BaronArtz

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    I would have liked to see a dildo up his ass, as he is being flogged. Or is that not part of the 'culture' in flogging situations?
  5. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    If that's what the sub wants then that's what the sub should get as long as it is done within the sub's individual limits. Some subs like to wear nipple clamps when being flogged. Others like to be blindfolded. Some prefer to be restrained. Others feel that it is their duty to take what is dished out without restraints. The only other limits should be safety and sanity.
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  6. bigvalboy

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    For the record gentlemen, the FULL video can be seen at Bound Gods....:p...It is, Unbelievable!!!
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  7. BaronArtz

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    Bound Gods does good work. What is the title? I tried to get the title from the pornotube channel but ... couldn't.
  8. bigvalboy

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    Click on the link, and off to the right you will see a box from Bound Gods. It says "Watch the full movie on demand"
    I believe the title is "Bound Body Builder"

    To watch it for free:

    You can google Bound Gods free porn movies, you will probably see it there, or you can google the title of the video or the names of the porn stars, Marcus Ruhl and Alan Ladd, something will pop up, just always include the words 'free'...Good luck
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  9. honcho

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  10. Walker1

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    Oh my, what a strong sub!
  11. larrysubny

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    This doesn't get old! Whipped Guy you have excellent taste in HOT stuff.
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  12. whipped guy

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  13. bigvalboy

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    Running out the door, but this will suffice for now...4 min, but click on "Watch full Video" then find the title and then search on line for FREE video using the actual title. Gotta run, will check back later. ;)
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  14. MikeThomas

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    Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey... those two were boyfriends, until the blond one allegedly attacked Spencer with a knife. They broke up. I think Reed lives in Germany.

    Of course there are two sides to every story...
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  15. bigvalboy

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  16. whipped guy

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    Well I have two prizes to award... to @bigvalboy for his efforts and to @MikeThomas for revealing the "rest of the story", and that was a real shocker!!

    In any event...

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  17. BgMstr4u

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    Fantastic video. The slave is a huge turn on and the master's great too. Can't decide which one I'd rather be with. Ahah! It came to me.... with both!
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  18. steed8

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  19. wisconsinguy

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    Some like their nippers being sucked while being flogged. Word of caution: The sucker of nips needs to be careful not to get hit in the face by the ends of the whip coming around the stud being flogged. Only one experience being the sucker. And, it was outstanding. The two individuals I was with were knowledgeable and soo hot. Can'the wait for the summer.
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  20. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    Can't wait to hear all about this one, not to mention the two hot guys as well. Plus, for all you Wisconsin guys the summer probably can't come fast enough!!