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    Now that my review has been posted, I can let those of you who travel in on a gem of a place in the Far East.

    http://daddysreviews.com/cruise/newest March 14

    Some time ago when I was traveling through Asia, I discovered a great resource for gay life and things to do:

    Click on a destination and enjoy.

    On a few recent trips, I had layovers in Hong Kong, and went on a search for a good massage, needed after trans-oceanic flights.
    Clicked on: http://www.travelgayasia.com/hong-kong-gay-massage-spas/

    and scrolled down to Spa17 as it was near my hotel.

    Now there are quite a few gay- or gay-friendly male spas offering special massage and spa treatments all over Hong Kong, but the reviews of this place, plus his locale made me select it, and I was so happy I did.

    I describe in my review the ease in finding the place, and the nice atmosphere that greets you. It is full-service, meaning, there are high-powered showers in each room, towels, sufficient hooks to hang clothing, a shelf for watch etc... and they even supply deoderant, body lotion, comb etc.. for after you finish.

    Room is temperature controlled, has nice soothing music, and when you finish, you "ring" for the masseur you have selected -- I arranged ahead of time to meet their main masseur, STANLEY.

    They do offer an out service to nearby hotels also.

    So -- if you want one of the most authentic Asian-style spa services, run to this locale.
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    I want to update this a bit -- I had a series of long-distance flights and returning on one recently, I was really out of sorts," and so I called Stanley and he suggested the 120 min aromatherapy session (528 HK$ or less than US$70) for 2 hours of sheer professional bliss. The Spa 17 now has a new provider of linens and you get a very plush large towel for your before- and after-shower, which is different from the one used for the massage (the beauty of the technique here is that a towel discreetly covers you from neck to feet, and yet it is still a professional/sensual massage).

    Aside from the new towels, each client gets disposable shower slippers (such as those in hotel rooms), and aside from shower gel and shampoo, each room has a table that contains body lotion, deodorant and other toiletries for any client who just walks in off the street, and wants a full-service massage.

    Lately there are more masseurs available, generally in their 20's (although the star, Stanley, is in his 30's, and seems to also be the manager/trainer for the others).

    Anyone gay man traveling to Hong Kong, after the LONG HAUL flight, would do himself a BIG favor by making a reservation on arrival to visit Spa17. They will completely release any sore spots from sitting so long on a flight and all for a very decent price.
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    Any kind of sex involved?
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    As in most places, you get what you pay for. in Hong Kong, gay men's massage spas are for treatment from professionally done therapeutic massage to more sensual to.... BUT it is a major custom in Hong Kong (and Asia I assume) to tip accordingly. My experience at Spa17 is that if you are there for a rub and tug session, most of the guys are willing (given you shower and are hopefully squeaky-clean before they even begin), and just make your wishes known. They are not able to guess... but I do know when you opt for the 90- or 120- minute sessions, it includes a lot more. I generally tip from $50 - $75 US dollars over the price of the massage, which is already very low by overseas standards.
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    A friend who is traveling in HK at the moment said to thank you for the reference to Spa17, where he had a good massage from a cute masseur named Victor, with a happy ending, but in his opinion, the place was a dump.
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    Charlie, many of the spas are in apartment blocks and they had been a former business or whatever. They try to spruce the places up a bit. Admittedly Spa17 is not a luxury place -- it is part of an upper floor (2 floors above ground level), and next to a beauty salon. You ring to be let in, and are led to the room where you will have your massage and they are ot luxurious, but the ones I have used have a complete shower, sturdy massage table, and area to change. Given the cost, and the location in HK, the rooms are adequate, but yes, they could be considered by outsiders "a dump."
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