Holidaying in February - where are the muscle guys!

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    Hi guys

    I was hoping to visit Rio 1 to 12 February but look like I've left it too late as flight prices are very expensive and accommodation all seems to be booked up. Carnival time so everything is booked up or out of my price range. I'm pretty fussy on where I stay and previously have used Ibis which were reasonable, nicely furnished and allowed guests overnight.

    Has anyone any ideas on accommodation?

    As I need to be back in UK or 13 February I'm looking at other options.

    I like muscle men, bodybuilders and athletic young guys. Have been to Rio a few times and also Tawan bar Bangkok.

    Any suggestions on other places to visit in Europe, Asia or South America for reasonably priced keen muscle men like Rio? Argentina, Sofia, Budapest? Sao Paulo? Usually I like to hire a sauna guy and take him to a room, then if we have fun I like to offer him dinner and evening meal - so places where overnight guys are available would be good.

    Of course, staying in Europe with budget flights could offset the higher charges of the escorts.
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    I'd go with Sao Paulo (much less Carnaval tourism than in Rio) 0r Barcelona. Both have an ample supply of rent talent and muscle is available.
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    I was able to book Prague February and Rio early March ;-)
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    From your posts, blackxs, I take it that other than accommodation ideas you are all set on how/where to find your "dates" with your preferred types in Rio in March. Mine are long stays so I do not know the hotel scene.

    I now habitually stay in north Flamengo area which does not have the caché of other districts, but I just love it, and I have previously stayed in most areas that are more conventionally preferred. The majority of my sauna-sourced guests are from 117 so that also makes the location palatable.

    If Ibis has worked for you, perhaps stick with it, particularly as you have the precedent of guests brought in hassle-free.
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    I haven't confirmed my accommodation yet, so please feel free to return details of accommodation you'd recommend in Flamengo.
    I seem to prefer the guys at 117 too so would be open to staying near here.
    But, in the day (before 117) what is there to do in this district? Usually I go to Ipanema beach. Is Flamengo beach safe / fun / OK for a single gay guy travelling alone? Plus anything to do of an evening time after sauna?
    I'm pretty fussy on accommodation - I like nice clean large bedrooms and bathrooms, I find a lot of the accommodation in Rio is dated and the bathrooms tiny!
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    I stay in the apartment of someone I know. I spend more time shopping and prepping food. I go to the gym. I am more basic-living than holidaying. There is a lot of fitness going on at the beach ... middle- class folks walking, biking, running, dog-strolling. It is all well groomed. But people do not use the beach sand quite the same way, though there is volleyball, etc. There are similarities and differences. I cannot explain it. You have to see it. I find it to be safe, but no defined gay area, and I would not cruise recklessly.

    It is more locals than tourists. Perhaps Ipanema is best for you if you want to hobknob. But it is only a few subway stops. I cannot compare Flamengo to Ipanema/Copa late evening because I am early to bed early to rise. But Lapa is accessible.

    I am of the view that Rio does not have a defined LGBT 'hood.

    I recommend the Hotel Windsor Florida. It is pricier but I have stayed there and my visiting friends also loved it. The problem is single and double occ are the same. But for a week, my philosophy is usually to pay a little more. You may get a good deal. I think it is the only hotel in Flamengo worth staying at. Catete Metro. But I do not know them all well. 10 minutes walk to 117, or one Metro stop to Gloria. And if you like stuffing your face early morning the breakfast is good calibre. You would likely need to register any guest. I myself support this practice but it may be a dealbreaker for you. They pretty much know what is going on anyway, and it is more secure all round.

    Otherwise, perhaps just randomly choose a hotel, or mix and match locations over the week, witnessing the differences yourself.

    Rua Catete and Flamengo Beach have loads of stunning built guys, but I would say mainly straight. You may want to approach them. You can be socially generally friendly, but be careful about coming on too obviously. Sometimes, surprisingly, they show up at 117, and because of the high quality there I try to resist the temptation to cruise just anyone on the street. Once in a while, I will arrange a date that involves the role-play of one of these guys being picked up on the street. That said, many of them are ultra conservative in public while comfortable grinding their dicks against you in the club .

    If you have more questions, I will need to first see a declaration of intent to review your upcoming trip. There seem to be more inquiries than reports on these forums.
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