Hiring two escorts to only interact with one another.

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by SuperJunior, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. TruthBTold

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    They are great. Because they do 3 ways but only together I am sure it will be no problem for them to just do their thing for you. Also, what I might do and suggest is just way you would like that to happen but for them not to be surprised if you decide to make it a 3-way so you can play with them if you decide to. Figure out any difference in payment and how you will communicate that you want it to be a 3 rather than 2-way with you just watching. They may say that once they start together all you have to do is start taking off your clothes and they will know how things are going to go. Man, I am getting hot and jealous.
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  2. DTCG82

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    They. Were. Great. I'll say something in the thread about HorseHungNHung. But Antonio still looks phenomenal. And Chad's legendary member is still legendary. He let the rest of him go a bit but still sexy and interactive.
  3. Gar1eth

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    In that case it seems Chad has probably improved through the years escort-wise-although I'd need a your definition of 'a bit' before deciding for sure.

  4. DTCG82

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    He has more of a "dad bod" now. And he's of course not a twink/twunk anymore either. But still very handsome, energetic and a lot of fun!
  5. Tygerscent

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    I've been part of hiring situations like this... it's fun~
    Sometimes the Client films it for his enjoyment at a later date in time~
    Another time, the Client had us play together first, then tied us up side by side, edging us both at the same time, eventually forcing us to cum @ the same time for him. He timed it perfectly~ ... that was HOT...
    971.400.2633 (phone calls must be scheduled in advance thru texting or email. thx)

    Quando il buio della sera maschera il mio viso, solo allora potrei dirti certe cose~
    Ho scritto una storia d'more senza inizio e senza fine... per scriverla con te~
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  6. purplekow

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    Is that: Ho scritto una storia d'amore senza inizio e senza fine?
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  7. Mo Mason

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    I've got some self-image and esteem issues myself, and I was also thinking lately that I'd like to try hiring two to play together while I watch. I think I'd be more comfortable with it because they'd be paying attention to each other and not just one guy focusing on me (that makes me so self-conscious and awkward). So I think it could work nicely. If I'm wrong then at least I tried something new. :)
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  8. purplekow

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    Plan on joining in, once they are hot and hard, it may seem awkward, but when I have been involved in threeways which started out as two fuckers and a watcher, when the watcher becomes involved it has signaled to me, usually one of the fuckers, that the fuckers have been hot enough to get that watcher off his ass and onto ours.
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  9. CX2

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    This is what I've done, I usually find a regular escort I can vibe well with. Once I find out his sexual fetihses I let him seek out who he'd be attracted to. Works every time, might hurt the pockets though. Which for me isn't' an issue :)
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  10. Tygerscent

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  11. g56whiz

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    This is getting close to my ultimate fantasy: two competitive bodybuilders flip fucking then having their way with me! Any suggestions?
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  12. TruthBTold

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    Do it, young man, do it!
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  13. g56whiz

    g56whiz Count

    But who should I hire to make this a reality?
  14. TruthBTold

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    One suggestion is the following. I am only making it because they are both in Chicago and used to be a couple (I don't know if they still are). I would think they are pretty in sync because of that. You would just have to contact them and see if they work together.


    There might be similar such couplings in NYC, Las Vegas, or elsewhere.
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  15. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Regent

    I also forgot about Ace and Tyler Saint. Now I realize that they are not two competitive bodybuilders (Tyler is fairly well-built), however they play together and both are really nice. Although I have not been with them, I know they would give you a really great fuck. If you have your eyes set on BBs just tell me to shut the fuck up. :)
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  16. SuperJunior

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    Thanks. That's a great suggestion, but I can assure you that I would never get naked with these two men. I should ask if they could play out a live fantasy for me, though.
  17. ChicagoGuy

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    Does Tyler Saint escort. Man, I’d love to fly him in and give him a try for sure. Anyone has a link?
  18. Tyler and Ace escort and are often contributors on this forum, they often post their travelling plans in "Escort Travels". https://rent.men/TandA
  19. mike carey

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    My understanding is that they only escort together, so flying Tyler in won't happen unless Ace is in on the deal