Have you ever been this desperate?

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by marylander1940, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. slightly

    slightly Master

    I wouldn't call that desperate, I'd call that resourceful!
  2. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Not with an ear of corn, but I used a carrot once.
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  3. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    It's not Desperate, It's VEGAN !
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  4. I would call it going green!
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  5. slightly

    slightly Master

    It's amazing what some teenagers try to shove up there in experimentation: A friend of mine used a screwdriver handle, where as my first attempt was a rubbered-up unpeeled banana...I was not successful.
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  6. slightly

    slightly Master

    After I posted that, this just magically popped up on my tumblr.
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  7. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    As "slightly" says - that's resourceful. The rough but smooth surface would add some extra thrill.
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  8. Phil_musc

    Phil_musc Count

    Yes, it's like using a ribbed condom (I imagine).

    Now that I've given up on meat, I've been shopping the fresh produce department. I've developed a real thing for zucchini.
    I tell myself it's a big Italian. . . a sort of Jolly Green Giant experience.
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  9. sync

    sync Count

    It has given me a new perspective of "cornfed." :p
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  10. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    I always found the expression: I would eat corn out of his shit to be disgusting. With this photo: Eating corn out of his ass does not seem like such a bad thing.
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  11. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    Ha ha ha - I love this!
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  12. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    I never heard that expression you mention, it's interesting. I have known two persons who actually did ingest shit right from the source.
    I didn't witness it live but saw the video. That was disgusting.
  13. steed8

    steed8 Baron

    Did you notice in the 1st pic that he seemed to have been given a small cream pie?