For all you Hot-Wired guys!

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by whipped guy, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Oh, I do love that more aggressive version - wonder what he's saying.

    But then, ahhhhh, those other two shots, especially YUMMY SHOT do get my juices flowing - all over the place!
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    Yeah, both really hot, but the second one is the one that does it for me... Shooting stars!!
  5. justaguy

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    I agree with BVB. The final gif was the one I focused on. Hot!
  6. whipped guy

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    To get you guys through hump day...

    Here's a situation where it would certainly help to have a third hand...


    Or even better, the following scenario... even though I'm not quite sure what might be going on here... ;-)


    Still in a pinch, the following always works... at least it would put a smile on my face!

    Just love the tongue action in this one... The suck and swirl... or is it swirl and suck!?! Again big smile on my face!


    Now to quote BVB, today's "Money Shot"... not sure if it's better than yesterday's... but I'm trying!

    If you guys are good I might consider posting what happens next... possibly... We shall see... but only if you're good...
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    Oh yeah WG, that's the money shot....damn. Now you got me all worked up, just as I'm trying to pull myself together for the gym. Looks like I'll have to take a steam afterwards. ;)

    And this one, it's the little things that make a scene. I could be mistaken, but just as the guy grabs his nipple, he grabs the sheet and I think he screams "Oh shit" as he flings himself back on the bed....(sigh)......I anxiously await the next addendum. I PROMISE TO BE GOOD WG!!!
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    If you guys are good I might consider posting what happens next... possibly... We shall see... but only if you're good…

    "SIR, yes SIR, I'll be good, all the time good. Oh SIR, whatever you want!"
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    Yep...that's the money shot! (I'm trying to thing of a way to transform money into moaning, but it's too early in the morning. But I did just thing that that transformation is what a good escort does. Geez, I need coffee.)
  10. whipped guy

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    As promised for all you good guys out there... The entire scene...

    I know that BVB is a good guy and and has been good ... so I would gladly post the conclusion of the scene not only for him, but also for all the other good guys... such as JAG... who have been following this thread.

    But funguy... I'm not so sure... I don't believe him when he says that he would be good!

    In verità, un uccellino mi ha detto che il nostro Funguy era un cattivo ragazzino ieri sera.... ma buon tipo che io sono, non voglio rovinarlo per tutti gli altri... Funguy, sei un diavolo davvero!!!!

    (In truth, a little birdie told me that our funguy was a bad little boy last night... but good guy that I am, I don't want to ruin it for everyone else. Funguy you devil!)

    It certainly would not be fair to penalize the others due to the actions of one person, here it goes...

    Too hot to post here directly! However, if you can set things so as to view them in sequence it will enhance the effect... as in setting them up in successive windows and then clicking on them in quick succession. Too bad it's not a video... and as JAG suggests... It's too bad that there's not a soundtrack to go with it! Enjoy!

    Incidentally, I would wanna be the guy on his back... Though I personally would prefer to be wearing chained nipple clamps to enhance the effect... Still, I would settle for the scene as is... Who wouldn't.??? Of course I love the fact that the other guy just can't seem to get enough and is milking things for all that he can get! Good to the last drop as the saying goes!
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    Un freakin believable WG!!! Better than anyone could have possibly expected. While a soundtrack would have enhanced it a bit, the visuals were more than enough for me...And yes, it was wonderful to notice that the suckee as it were, couldn't get enough, just like the guy getting sucked. ;) You could almost feel the intensity. And me, sitting here all freshly showered, well that didn't last long. Now I shall retreat for another nice warm shower, and a cup of espresso, as I further contemplate what the "Doc" could have possibly done to make him a bad boy.

    I am warmly reminded of a story from a few decades ago. I went to my HMO for a nagging back pain. I was young and cute at the time, but terribly shy and a bit naive. When the doctor came in, he was 40 something, killer body and a bit of a muscle boy. During the exam he became very flirtatious and during the course of the conversation and exam, he invited me to his vacation home on Fire Island. It all seemed a bit much for me to take in at the time, so I declined, but every time Funguy posts, I think about that day. Oh what might have been.

    This has been one helluva morning....
  12. Funguy

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    OH! The pressure to perform that has been hoisted upon me (or foisted)!

    For BVB:
    Oh! Sono stato un cattivo ragazzo così che ero bravo! Davvero buono! Meglio che mai. Ma non era la notte scorsa - era Domenica e Martedì. Prima ho avuto un 69 dei capezzoli e poi ho avuto un lavoro fuori come il nostro amico sul letto. Differenza era morsetti giapponesi

    Whipped Guy will provide the translation. Suffice it to say that I really was a bad, bad boy.

    For Whipped - I'll always be a good boy! For everyone else, I'm not so sure, sometimes being bad is just soooooo good.

    Cold shower time.
  13. whipped guy

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    The WG translation with comments added in parentheses.

    "Oh! Sono stato un cattivo ragazzo così che ero bravo! Davvero buono! Meglio che mai. Ma non era la notte scorsa - era Domenica e Martedì. Prima ho avuto un 69 dei capezzoli e poi ho avuto un lavoro fuori come il nostro amico sul letto. Differenza era morsetti giapponesi."

    Oh! I was a bad boy such that I was good! Really good! (As in they would have been shouting bravo if there were an audience!) Better than ever! But it was not last night... It was on Sunday and Tuesday. First I had a nipple 69. (WOW!) Then I had a workout in bed with our friend. The Japanese nipple clamps made the difference. (As they always do!)

    Ah! Caro amico! Sei un diavolo davvero!!! Ma sei il nuovo gran nume che veneriamo!

    funguy can translate that!
  14. Funguy

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    Translation :
    "Ah! Dear friend! You're really a devil!!! But you are the new great God that we worship!"

    No, sadly I'm not. You may worship me but I am

    Just Funguy

    Unfortunately, it was not "with" our friend in the bed, but "like" our friend. Mama mia! A heart attack in the making!
  15. bigvalboy

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    No need for translation. Somethings are best left to the imagination. ;) ;) I'm trying to get my head wrapped around a "nipple 69" Why do I have goosebumps?
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  16. Funguy

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    It went on for what seemed like hours but, alas, probably was far too short a time. It also was something I had never really thought of doing! Extreme treat! Recommend highly!!
  17. bigvalboy

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    Dear God....Sometimes you just have to sit back and realize how good life really is!!! Where were you when I needed a doctor? lol
  18. Funguy

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    Right there where you used to live! LOL.
  19. whipped guy

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    "Un sessantanove dei capezzoli... A nip 69!!! What a genius... What creativity! Damn, I'm thinking of all the times that I've done the mutual nipple thing and we always did it in a quite different manner. We would take turns licking, sucking, and bitting... combined with quite a bit of simultaneous tugging, pinching,and pulling. Now I'm nobody, but you would think that at least several EOYs would have suggested such a scenario. Here we were doing it standing up, on our knees, from behind, etc. Of course that would allow us more opportunities to kiss while partaking in the pleasures... But still it only proves that Dr. Funguy is indeed the "gran nume" here! I have referenced him as "il dottore enciclopedico"... No wonder! Such erudition! Such knowledge! Such a sick mind! So ahead of the curve as to invent such a scenario!!! Perhaps we should name the move after him... As in the "funsty nine"!!! The prowess, the inventiveness, the ingenuity... and all in one package! We salute you!
  20. Funguy

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    Aw shucks! Yes, the sick mind I will admit to!
    But please, I have to admit, I did not invent it or even plan this move. After it was obvious that we both enjoyed this particular area, we were in such a position that a slight shift made this new experience possible, especially with other things to grab onto at the same time. (Am I allowed to say that?!)

    What about a "nippy-niner"?
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