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  1. Diamant

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    Hello everyone!

    I have a fetish that's pretty much concentrated around all that is related to football (soccer). Firstly, I like football kits. I have a specific fetish for Adidas-kits, like the kit of Ajax. I like to imagine how to get wet with this kit, for example in a pool or in the rain, mud or a rainy day on the pitch. I also like to imagine that someone rips the kit to shreds, or how my team gets defeated and after the match you get humiliated because you swap your shirt with a player of the opponent and he rips your shirt. It's a very complex fetish, does someone recognize things? If you have questions, please ask!

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  2. I've seen a couple sports-oriented videos where a player who missed a play is gang-banged by the team in the locker room, or a water boy / new player is used as the team's fuck boy. I could get into some of the stuff you're suggesting :)
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  3. Diamant

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    Do you have links? Would be cool!
  4. nycman

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    Yeah...I recognize it.....you're a FREAK!

    I don't completely "get" your fantasy...it's a little too complex for my simple brain....but if it works for you....then who the fuck cares!

    Welcome to the Fetish Pool....DIVE RIGHT IN!
  5. Dominiking

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    I don't know if this is a fetish, but I have fantasies where Im with a client and as Im fucking him or he's fucking me, his partner comes home surprisingly early and catches us. Instead of us stopping, I keep fucking him/getting fucked as he watches in anger, or in amusement :eek::p
    maybe I've just been watching too much porn, guess I'm an undercover freak too :eek:;):oops::D
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  6. Becket

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    Send all your football (soccer) fetish stories my way. German guys to the front of the line. Specifically, Neuer lets in a late goal. The boys let him know how they feel about it back in the locker room.........Hummel, Reus, Gotze,Kroos, etc. The retired guys show up as well......Podolski, Klose, Ballack. Neuer is bent into a pretzel. Others provide the mustard.

    Or something like that......lol
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  7. Diamant

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    What do you think of Reus? And do you like Dutch guys as well?

    Yeah, I love to imagine how certain things happen in the locker room or comparable places. It's very sexy.
  8. jjperry

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    That sounds fucking hot!
  9. larryskyclad

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    Yes I love football kit.
  10. Diamant

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    Which ones?

    I like Adidas very much, like Ajax, Benfica, Real Madrid, Anderlecht, Valencia C.F. etc...
  11. Diamant

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    Do some people here imagine how a kit is being ripped of by a stronger, athletic guy. This fetish has a BDSM/dominance component, I know it's kinky but it's so sexy...
  12. whipped guy

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    Well I guess I have been living under a rock... I could not make sense out of this thread... in the U S of A this is a kit:

    As is this:


    I assume that by kit you mean uniforms as in AS Roma!
    (Tanti bei giovanotti! So many hot young men! Now that's a kit I could easily work with! Now things make sense!;))


    One lives and learns!
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  13. mike carey

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    It made sense to me but I checked the OED and sure enough it lists this usage of the word 'kit' as being British.
    British The clothing used for an activity such as a sport:
    ‘a football kit’

    In Australian usage, I would have read 'cricket kit' (the game, not the insect) as including the clothing but also protective items (pads etc) and a player's cricket bats, the things a cricketer would have in his kit-bag. Sort of an extension or variation of one of the OED's general meanings of the word 'kit', A set of articles forming part of a soldier's equipment.
    So, it wasn't the result of living under a rock, rather, living across an ocean!
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  14. Meo

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    I actually knew a straight girl back in the day who said a variation of this was her main fetish, that she liked skinny/muscly soccer players in sweaty, muddy soccer gear who played rough.
  15. MartyB

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    That sounds hot I just find rugby guys was hotter than soccer guys..something about those beefy legs and butts! Oops I'm getting hard just writing this. LOL
  16. larryskyclad

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    I love Adidas kit too. In fact I love anything Adidas :)