Ever Have a "Car Date"?

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by Avalon, Dec 6, 2017 at 6:28 PM.

  1. Avalon

    Avalon Viscount

    Another thread mentioned a Polish twink in London. He said that he was available for car dates.

    Have any escorts here had a car date with a client?
  2. Interesting concept, it would save on hotel fee.
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  3. Pulgasari1991

    Pulgasari1991 Journeyman

    Yes. It works fine and fair for a BJ on the run.

    To do else, it isn't very comfortable in my opinion. Also, the few whom I had stumbled upon asking for that were basically looking for a cheap date as well.
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  4. FTM Zachary Prince

    FTM Zachary Prince Journeyman

    Not as a professional actually. But I love hooking up in cars. Have done it a number of times with personal hookups.

    Pretty sure I've had extended dinner dates with clients where I've taken advantage of the opportunity to give a little BJ in the car on the way to or from dinner. But there was a hotel room and a dinner involved in those dates, so can't really say that they qualify as "car dates".
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  5. Topseed

    Topseed Lord

    I fucking love road head....
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  6. LivingnLA

    LivingnLA Viscount

    Don't we all? The risk, the excitement. It's a great time!
  7. Charlie

    Charlie Peer

    When I was a suburban teenager, I had no place to hook up, and neither did some of my tricks, so I had a lot of sex in cars.
  8. Avalon

    Avalon Viscount

    Just blow jobs or more?
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Peer

    BJs only (I think--it was a long time ago).
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  10. bashful

    bashful Baron

    Think about all the new possibilities driverless cabs will provide. The downside is how messy that back seat will be for the next rider.
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  11. Becket

    Becket Baron

    Went to a drive in movie. Cuddled and played in the back of the SUV. Great fun.
  12. FTM Zachary Prince

    FTM Zachary Prince Journeyman

    I used to have a lot of sex at a drive in movie theater when I was a teenager. Maybe that's why I'm still so into sex in cars.

    The drive-in was run by devout Christians and would run advertisements encouraging everyone to go to church on Sundays. They had rules against using profanity in the snack bar. But somehow they had no rules against hooking up in cars during movies nor anyone monitoring for it... They ran double and triple features on the weekends, and sometimes I would go with someone and have sex during movies for 5-6 hours...

    (I think the drive-in is still there too.)
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