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  1. ronmm

    ronmm Newbie

    just curious, anyone else into estim? I think I might actually be addicted to it, lol.
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  2. Hypocrite here. Love administering it, don't you fucking get near me with the business end, though.

    Kevin Slater
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  3. Adam_6969

    Adam_6969 Master

    Totally hot activity for me, especially a dual electrode butt plug, or single electrode butt plug and single electrode sounds.
  4. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

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  5. ronmm

    ronmm Newbie

    Sounds freak me out, could never do that but I do like being tied down and wired up. I find when the levels are slowly ramped up I get to a point where I'm straining to cum but the levels are high enough to interfere with the ability to shoot.
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  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Explain please. Estim?
  8. Really e-stim, as in electrical stimulation, sometimes used in conjunction with physical therapy.
  9. I know of someone else who's into pretty much anything kinky except this.
  10. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    I didn't "like" this 'cause I'm not sure I would like this.
  11. honcho

    honcho Protector of the Realm

    Well, at least you didn't say that you were sure you wouldn't like it. If you choose to try it out,
    one generally starts where you can't feel it all and then gradually increases the level.

    So, if it turns out you don't like it, no damage done - other than the time wasted wiring you up :)
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  12. I've had e-stim as part of PT. Not sure how I'd feel about it as a kink, but I'd be willing to try with someone whom I trusted and knew what s/he was doing.

    I already know fire/candle wax, tickling, knifeplay, heavy duty breathplay, caning and other things are off the menu; why restrict something I already know something about and don't hate in its therapeutic firm?
  13. FilmGeek

    FilmGeek Novice

    I've always wanted to trt it. I'm curious if any escorts have the gear and are experts at administering it.
  14. Several, including me.

    Kevin Slater
  15. Rudynate

    Rudynate Earl

    One time, at a BDSM party, I saw a very cute young man laying on a massage table all wired up and receiving e-stim from a top who appeared to really know what he was doing and was very much in control of the scene. The boy was delirious with pleasure - writhing on the table, moaning, tossing his head from side to side.

    He eventually lost control of his bladder and peed all over himself.

    I have never tried e-stim but I still think of the image of that boy cutting loose and wetting all over.
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  16. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    I've tried e-stim a few times. Hate it on my cock or balls, but e-stim butt plugs are my favourite toy of all time. No pain, but lots of very pleasurable involuntary muscular contraction.
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  17. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    This would interest me if I could locate someone to administer it. My ass loves attention.
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  18. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Is it available to your clients?
  19. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    Not at the moment, sadly. All of my toys are in storage in the UK.
  20. Cum by my place Rod I have more than enough electro-gear to share