Escorts v. The Resistance

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    I'm sure there's been lots of historical discussion on this subject and I skimmed through some of the archives but really looking for some current information. The chances of getting busted could be high and my thinking is that if you follow a site like this, your chances of avoiding such an event are reduced. On here you see past client/escort history which is informative in itself. Was curious to know just how escorts avoid the potential law exposure. I totally understand if disclosure could be providing " the resistance," for lack of a better way of referring to them, with too much information.

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    Nice video, Kevin,
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    Some very good points made by Kevin. I kind of felt gay escorts were low on the radar. I disagree with "entrapment not being legal..." statement as they set up stings all the time to capture female prostitutes, work a deal and then their busted; not considered entrapment by law.
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    Very interesting point by Kevin about gays being a voting bloc consideration by authorities in larger, more liberal cities (New York, San Francisco).
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    *** ABEL ***


    sorry - reflex
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  6. Sometimes transgender girls just by simply walking down the street are accused by the police of prostitution.
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  7. Yeah, I don't believe that either. Otherwise law enforcement would be drastically more difficult. You can hear me demur on the interview.

    Kevin Slater
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    The comment by Sync got me thinking, do they go after females more than males because there are more females? More volume in the female market?
  9. Or do some cops get off on the power dynamic? Or do they more readily associate females with sex trafficking? Or does male prostitution even enter their minds?

    Kevin Slater
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    Yeah, I think you’ve got it backwards. We are the resistance. They are the Empire.
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  11. Or they are hoping to get a date out of it??
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    Interesting comment by Abel that he thinks clients hire escorts because they're lonely... o_O
  13. A sympathetic officer told me men are perceived as being more physically threatening so more resources are required to control the scene. Arresting male sex workers is thus more expensive for the department and a relatively undesirable assignment for the officers.
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    Clients hire for as many different reasons as escorts work, but the one hope that applies to all clients is the only one that matters to me: to have a great experience!
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    Always wondered about that relationship between Vader and the Emperor :)
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    There's one technique used to weed out the law that I find interesting and erotic, an escort will plant a kiss or grab a crotch. I'm sure there is some porn video somewhere that covered this type encounter.
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    The kiss while they are expressing interest and pretending to come onto you but before you discuss terms could be a great way. But touching the crotch could be more dangerous and possibly considered sexual assault.
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  18. My next door neighbor before I moved was a cop and he was routinely assigned to working undercover at a busy truck stop know for prostitution. He was always surprised at the number of male prostitutes working the truck stop. The police always referred to the males as "commercial buffalos" while the women were "lot lizards".

    I guess there are a lot of horny truckers out there looking for dick. Who knew?
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    These are comments I've read and heard too:

    Escort can ask the client to touch him in the junk.

    Asking the person if they are affiliated with law enforcement does not work, they are not obligated to tell you.

    And the key trigger they are looking for is an exchange or verbal agreement on money.

    Finally, anything done at a hotel is also subject to the same search and seizure laws as a residence. They are not permitted to enter the room without either consent or a search warrant. Consent would be opening the door further or say yes if they ask if can let them in.