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    Aren't both free? How would they be considered ripoffs in that case? Are you able to do the leg work and report back for us? I'm sure it would only take a few moments to do so.

    P.S. Support the content that we create for y'all by subscribing to the website where the content is published or contributing directly to the models in the videos. There's a reason why scene rates are continually declining.
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    They are not free. They charge around $30 per month if you sign up.

    The fraud that some websites like this commit is that they don't actually have content but instead take your credit card information and charge you for nothing. Supposedly one of these websites, called, does this. It gives you the option to join by taking your credit card information. After you give the information and are charged, it turns out, supposedly, that that website doesn't have any content at all. I use the word "supposedly" because I don't want to libel them, but it's what I've read.

    I don't want to give my credit card to or because I am not sure if they operate the same way. According to a post elsewhere in the forum, the Russians shut down in 2012. I'm wondering if that website restarted.

    I've done a lot of research online and found some negative and positive experiences. The bad ones are where you don't get any content. The good ones say the opposite. I worry that the good reviews are posted by the site.

    That's why I'm asking my friends here if they have any experience with these websites so that I don't lose control over my card and need to call the bank to cancel it.

    Thanks, guys, for any information!

    P.S. Kurt, I hope to meet you sometime!
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    I always keep a few Visa/Master/Amex gift/debit cards around for sites I want to cautiously try
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    That is a good idea. Thanks.
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    I have joined in the recent past (have not used it in a few months) so I think it is probably still running. If I remember right, you could get some free downloads but if you had not uploaded a certain amount you could not go passed your limit. However, you could donate a certain amount of money and get more downloading ability.
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    I paid about $25 to join for one month. It is legit. I had found some content that interested me, and when I tried to download it from that webpage, the webpage referred me to upstore. I joined upstore and then downloaded it from there. I'm not sure if upstore has its own content or if it lets you download content posted by others. It's confusing.
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  10. Can someone explain the relation between escorts and download sites?
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    The more porn that gets downloaded for free, the less money porn producers have to pay the actors.

    Some escorts make some fraction of their living appearing in porn. The presumption was that by never paying for porn, you depriving some escorts of some income. One could argue about what fraction of your porn dollar would actually wind up in the pockets of people of porn, but if nobody ever paid for porn, the only kind available would be that made by amateurs.

    Being a member of the American Federations of Musicians, local 6, I'm sympathetic to the argument.
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    So, to be clear....If I download a video for free from say Pornhub, I'm ripping off the actors in it?
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    Indirectly. It's true that porn actors do not get residuals from having appeared in a particular scene,
    so you are not *directly* ripping them off.

    But you are not compensating the studio that produced the video that produced it, making it economically less viable for that studio to hire the same porn actor for future work .at the frequency
    or rate that it paid in the past.

    I think it's somewhat akin to the following -- I'm 64 and 7 months and can pass for 65. A few times when I haven't had two singleton dollar bills and a 25 cent piece in my pocket, I've ridden the bus paying only a dollar instead of $2.25.

    Am I ripping off the City and County of San Francisco?

    The bus is going to run anyway, and the driver is going to get paid regardless of what I do. But according to my sense of ethics, I've definitely stolen potential revenue from the city.

    Another somewhat akin situation - my music teacher lends me some chamber music still under
    copyright, and implies it's OK with her if I copy it (instead of buying my own copy).

    The music publisher most likely has a stack of copies sitting on a shelf somewhere. It doesn't
    incur them any additional expense, if I make a copy of it, but I am denying them revenue that
    is ethically theirs.