Escorts in Jockstaps and Sneakers—Any Recommendations

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by mansniffing, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. mansniffing

    mansniffing Knight

    I want to meet a man who gets off having his feet worshiped. Str8, Married, Gay, Single. In-Shape, Caucasian Mid-20s to Mid-30s with Wide 11+ feet. Sneakers, OTC Sheers, Wingtips, after a run pheromones are pluses.
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  2. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    "Sunny" in NYC most definitely likes to have his feet worshiped... However, I did not check him out for size... shoe size that is... so I am not sure if he will fit your exact specifications.
  3. mansniffing

    mansniffing Knight

    Thank you for your recommendation. I'll check it out.
    If any of you guys have further recommendations please let me know.
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  4. larryoz

    larryoz Novice

    I always try to keep my sneakers/boots on during any action cos I find it sooo hot
  5. larryskyclad

    larryskyclad Novice

    I'm still fucking with my sneakers on. Last week was in the sling at 357 twice with my Adidas Attitude hightops in the air.
  6. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    LOL! An old thread revived! I don't recall it at all, but I do recall Sunny in NYC... he will get more than a few lines when I write my memoirs! A real character! Also good to know that Larry as @larryskyclad is still doing the sneaker thing as well!!! Whatever floats your boat!!
  7. Size 12 and in NYC here :)

    I love keeping my sneakers on for all kinds of things ...
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  8. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Just bring your size 12....And your sneakers to SoCal soon. PLEASE!
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  9. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    HOLY CRAP this thread was made 10 years ago :eek:
    10 years ago I was still straight, still a virgin, never kissed anyone yet, still lived with my parents, and in middle school:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    wow i accomplished so much in 10 years :eek::p

    but yeah size 10 feet here, workout regularly in my nike sneakers so i always smell like a man even though I may look like a boy :p, and love to wear jockstraps and showing my big juicy bubble to all the straight guys in the locker room and making them uncomfortable and question their sexuality :eek::oops::p:D
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  10. Oh, I want to go to your gym, Dominik. When I started at my gym years ago, there was a cute guy who wasn't shy about walking around naked. He headed to the hot tub (in the common area) only in a towel once before a friend reminded him it was in the common area and he needed a suit.
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  11. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    so kind of an random update last night at my gym, I was washing my hands and this guy comes out the nearby shower stalls with his cock out and I guess posing in front of me, and then when I was changing clothes to go leave, this guy literally came over just to see my change, he was pretending to watch the tv but he was eyeing me... my gym is sooo undercover dl and cruisy lol
  12. High tops, ringer socks and muscular legs = FUCKING HOT

    The neoprene jocks that Nasty Pig sell are the icing on the cake
  13. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent