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Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by Tuffpie, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Tuffpie

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    I'm going to ask an escort to join me for 2 nights in a nearby city. His drive is 2 hours one way.

    How do you think I should approach reimbursement? For the drive time and miles? For 48 hours of his time? 2 nightly rates? What if I don't expect or want to spend every moment with him while he's visiting?

    Any. Thoughts and advice are approached.
  2. Keenan

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    Ask him how he would like to handle the travel time. If you want him to stay in the area for the weekend then you will need to pay the 48 hour rate most likely unless he travels home. If he travels home each day then you'll need to pay for the travel time.

  3. Jbdesc

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    I would recommend asking him how he normally handles it. Some people vary from the clock starts when they leave, to a flat fee dependant upon the distance traveled. Are you just seeing him two nights during his stay, or with him for 2 days?