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    If you're traveling the Far East check to see if you'll cross paths with this guy. I saw him a month ago in Kuala Lumpur and it was the highlight of my stay. He'll accommodate almost any (safe) request and his English is perfect. My only regret is that I found him at the end of my trip and not earlier. PM me for details if interested.
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    His profile is delicious
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    It's not only his profile that's delicious. Lol
    FWIW he's currently back in Kuala Lumpur according to Rent.Men.
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    Lol. I hope he will be in KL in Nov
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    And I'm hoping for Sept/Oct.
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    August/September here.... great timing, guys!
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    How much was his fee?
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    Reasonable as I remember but I’m in KL, he’s here on ManHunt and not responding.