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  1. dreamboy13

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    I’ve been watching edging videos for he past 6 months and am supremely turned on my this notion.

    Anybody know if any talented/pro edgers in the NYC area? Would love to experience this first hand (no pun intended).

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  3. LADoug1

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    Edging is one my fantasies too. Lots of videos out there.
  4. But not many providers offering it. I imagine it's a lot of work for them.
  5. Eric Hassan

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE edging and can go for hours.

    Also, check out BateWorld.
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  7. MartyB

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    Count me in as a guy who loves watching edging videos. And yes would I enjoy this experience.
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  8. dreamboy13

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    What do you mean can go for hours? Are you receiving or giving? Hmmm
  9. Eric Hassan

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    Edging isn't a give or receive thing as much as it's something you do to yourself. Start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgasm_control

    And as far as things that you do give and receive, well, I can still go for hours.
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