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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by spiro3, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. spiro3

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    There used to be a post here on how to download Rentboy photos when right-clicking didn't work. Does anyone here know how to do this for Rentmen? I like to keep photos of my hires.......
  2. gallahadesquire

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    On an apple device: No clue.

    On a PC:
    1. Scroll through and look at all the photos.
    2. Right click, and you should see a menu box. You might have to do this in several parts of the screen until the right menu box opens.
    3. Click on "View Page Info".
    4. Choose the "Media" tab. A list of photos should show up.
    5. I double-click on the "Size" tab of the photo list (upper right). That will place photos before other random page objects.
    6. Highlight which photo you want to see, and click "Save As".
    Note: I've found that one may have to do this several times to get all the photos, but they eventually do find their way to Page Info. It's best to scroll one or two photos past the one you want to make sure it populates the Media portion of Page Info.

    I hope this helps.
  3. playwrestler

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    You could always do the -- shift/command/3 -- keys to do a screen capture of the picture.
  4. Karl-G

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    1. I used to PrtSc and then go to my Corel Paint Shop Pro and EDIT / "PASTE AS NEW IMAGE," then crop and save what I wanted. Works fine and fast.

    2. But there is another even shorter way. Windows, in its Accessories which we all have, has something called a SNIPPET. When you have your photo, go to Windows Accessories and click on SNIPPET, then NEW, then just run your cursor around the picture, and SAVE AS. Really fast and simple and neat. (It's also called a SCREEN CAPTURE.)
  5. spiro3

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    Thank you all for your help, but Karl-G's response was the only one I could get to work with my limited tech knowledge.

    I had to go to youtube to find where my snipping tool was, as I had not used it before, and it didn't come up in my accessories list, so I had to search for it in the task bar ( lower left corner of your screen). Popped right up and easy as pie to use. The screen captures come out crystal clear! Thanks again to all!
  6. alken

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    If you are using chrome on the page right click and select view page source. than just search for jpg. You will find the direct image link.