Do You Submit or Tell Stats Prior to Meeting Escorts?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Axiom2001, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Axiom2001

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    Men, I hesitated as well as debated in beginning this thread, for I am still torn after almost two decades in engaging the services of escorts. Whenever I've hired an escort-- I've contacted him principally via email or a telephone ring and have asked about his availability and perhaps a few other things. Recently, I've engaged the services of two very, very hot men. Upon my joining each one,I've been quite disappointed in their reluctance to play and satisfy and collect their fee honestly. After the hour that I've spent with each one, I've been left feeling quite disappointed, perplexed, upset, and saddened, and feeling that I've been taken for over $250 in each case. Previously, during all of these years, when I've hired, in the majority of cases, all of the men have given me what I've desired and then some. For those play sessions in the States of which I've truly, truly enjoyed, there have been subsequent sessions with certain of these men. In fact, for the past two years, I've cut back in seeing different men and have stuck with men whom I'd previously had lots of fun. In fact, one well reviewed escort, now retired, has emailed me vs my contacting him for a renewal of our connection.

    But today I write this thread to ask if you always volunteer your stats along with letting them know how you desire "play?" I'm baffled, for I have rarely had a poor session with a guy during all of these years!

    This inquiring mind wants to know, for he has been let down "big time" during his last two meeting with two gorgeous men, men who I thought would connect and render to me what I desired. Yes, I am quite aware of chemistry, but since I have rarely had a poor connection, I envisioned and thought that I'd be left with many "after glows," but as written in the aforementioned, I did not in these cases?
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  2. corndog

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    I don't volunteer my stats because:
    1) A real professional will be able to find attraction in just about anyone, and
    2) It's difficult to describe myself without revealing my insecurities or self-esteem shortcomings, and I believe that insecurities and self-esteem issues are the most unattractive thing of all. Confidence is sexy.

    I'm sorry for your recent experiences, but I think you have to chalk it up to "you can't win 'em all."
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  3. BasketBaller

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    I do volunteer basic stats and always have-- not sure why I started doing that. Perhaps it was uncertainty about how my first hires would go, and trying to "set the scene." And while I give some idea of what I hope will happen, I word it not as "this is what I want you to do" as much as "this is the kind of activity I most enjoy." I know some guys are reluctant to be too explicit in email or text.
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  4. I have my stats published in RM and A4a, my two major sources, I even gave a couple of pictures in Adam. So I do not need to submit my stats each time. If I ever hire from another on line source, I would submit my stats as soon as I determine I am interested in making the deal.
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  5. sf westcoaster

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    I always give a very brief set of stats and characteristics and also give a short description of what I like to do.
  6. MikeyGMin

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    Very interesting point.

    I always provide basic stats and will even send a picture if it's an out call to my house and I'm not asked for one. I figure they should know that the right person is opening the front door, but if I'm asked for one ahead of time I feel like I'm being judged.

    I'm pretty vague about activities the first time, but I'm fine with a first session going many different ways. It's pretty much just a test run and I will get more specific after that. If I really had a list of must-haves for the first session, I guess I would get more specific.
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  7. JayCeeKy

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    I don't give out much personal info inasmuch as I believe that I am the one who is doing the auditioning. I usually say something like: "Older white male who enjoys the company of another male who is assertive and who is willing to engage in activities that are mutually satisfying." No pics, no personal info. If the escort wants a date, let him get on kik or Grindr. Although, if I had a bod like BasketBaller I would probably change my mind.
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  8. Traveler North

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    I never supply my stats. I do make clear what I like to do when arranging to meet an escort I have not seen before.
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  9. I do not volunteer anything. Confidence is sexy, "apologizing" for your appearance is not. The best and most professional escorts can indeed find something to connect with just about anyone and make it work. The ones that can't owe it to you to let you know up front of their limitations and prejudices. Just go in with reasonable expectations (i.e.) not expecting a 150 lb escort to carry a 300lb client over the threshold.
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  10. rvwnsd

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    I typically send an email describing what I am looking for and what I look like. I view it not as "submitting" or "disclosing" but as describing who I am.
  11. sam.fitzpatrick

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    If I am contacting via email, I always disclose my stats. Since I started hiring seven years ago, I have become confident enough to share them. I did not share them the first couple of years.
  12. I generally say

    Fat furry fifty kinky cuddly guy who likes
    to have fun and wants my playdate to enjoy as well. Kissing and Mutual respect a Must!
  13. WolfRamNHard

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    I never give my stats upfront unless asked, and I've only been asked twice. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything. If asked I will happily share as I have nothing to be embarrassed about. It has more to do with the fact that my initial communications tend to be very brief and to the point - when, where and for how long - and escorts also seem to appreciate brevity in this regard (in my limited experience).

    I also don't get into details about what we will be doing, mostly because I enjoy spontaneity. I consider myself completely versatile and enjoy learning new things about myself and my body. I like to play off my sexual partner's "energy" (if you will) in real time to see what they're feeling in the mood for, and I really appreciate when they do the same for me. If I were to make up a list of activities beforehand, there's no telling for sure whether we would both be "feeling it" and wanting any particular activity at a given moment. And if it feels contrived or forced, that ruins it, at least for me.

    OP - I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. As someone else mentioned above, it can happen to any and all of us. The reasons may or may not have anything to do with you. I too had an unsatisfying experience not too long ago which seriously made me wonder why I paid someone when I've had better experiences for free. While it's human nature and therefore okay to spend a little bit of time trying to process it and figure out what went wrong, try not to dwell on it too much. If you truly believe that you could have done something different, it's good to learn from it and file away for future reference. But sometimes you'll never know why, in which case it's best to just move on with your life. There are plenty of fish in the sea! :)
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  14. BgMstr4u

    BgMstr4u Count

    I agree with those who don't want to disclose personal information beyond what is necessary. I'll give my age, general body type and overall range of interests, but the rest is chemistry. I want positive spontaneous interaction, not a scripted prearranged drama.

    But reading between the lines, Axiom, I wonder if something may have changed in you. Not in the sense that you need to tell the escort more about yourself but that perhaps your desires, capacities, imaginative engagement have altered somewhat but you're still hiring the same kind of guy as before. Maybe ask, What do I really want at this point in my life? Just a thought.
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  15. LADoug1

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    I send a pic and say I want a BF experience. It should match the escort's profile. I keep it brief. I like kissing but let that happen naturally. I don't want to kiss anyone who doesn't want to kiss me.
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  16. Becket

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    Just be who you say you are.
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  17. BaronArtz

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    I am very proud of my stats. I worked hard for them - gym, healthy life style and so on. So yes, I always provide them right away.

    I never discuss anything specific. Might say something like 'I have read your ad and your reviews, I think we would be very compatible'. Or something like that. During the session, I go with the flow. If a guy doesn't want to kiss me, so be it. There are many other fun things you can do. It is rare for me to have a disappointing session.
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  18. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    Well, there is a "flip" side to that. I do give basic age/weight/height, disclose I'm bi, simplebasic stuff. I do so with confidence!!

    I do not going into a social dissertation of prefs, proposed activities, specifics on my inches/attributes :eek:, etc.
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  19. +1
    Why sharing honestly your description is self depreciating or a symptom of lack of confidence?
    Please, do not project your own issues into others.
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  20. Keith30309

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    I wonder if the providing of stats sends the implicit message of what is important to you. "I am white, x years old, weigh y lbs and z feet tall. Brown hair and green eyes. My dick is n inches long."

    So...these are the things I feel it is important that you know about me and I want to know the same sorts of things about you. The desirability difference between your stats and my stats is reconciled by the money I'm going to put in an envelope.

    Personally, I'm a little more interested in someone's personality, what kind of emotional connection we will likely make and how I will feel after our time together. Will it be "yea - I came" or will it be "Wow! That was an awesome experience of closeness and shared physical intimacy and I have a lingering feeling of elation and would love to be with this person again!".

    Different strokes.