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  1. Going to be in Detroit next month and I'm trying to decide on a hotel. I plant hire while there. I like the looks of the MGM Grand, but reviews on Trip Advisor suggests that getting to the rooms you have to pass thru security. That would complicate the process. Are all Detroit city hotels similar? Would it be better to stay in the suburbs? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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    I stay at the Hilton Garden Inn near Greektown. You do need an access card for the elevator so I'd recommend you meet for a drink prior to the meeting and just go up to the room together. If I remember correctly the MGM Grand is attached to one of the casinos so security there makes sense. But, most other hotels have not had posted security.
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    MGM is attached to the casino and is a nice hotel, but there is security to pass through. Many downtown hotels require keycard access. The majority of the suburban hotels do not. Downtown Detroit has come alive in the past few years so there are a lot of great restaurants and bars to visit.
  4. Thanks for the information and suggestions.
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    The Westin Book Cadillac Downtown is nice and has two busy bars as well as several nice restaurants. The Motor Bar next to reception is a perfect place to meet "company" before heading to the room. The MGM Casino is a 10-15 minute walk or a 3-4 minute cab ride.
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    If you are looking to stay in the suburbs the nicest hotel, by far, is the Townsend in Birmingham. The only problem is you need a key for the elevator and the doormen and front desk people seem to know everyone who comes in the hotel
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    Agreed. Lovely hotel in a lovely area of the Detroit suburbs.
  8. Yes, except the Westin in Southfield Town Center.

    That's exactly what the OP doesn't want.
  9. not hotel advice, but if you have a chance, check out Club Gold Coast for the strippers. Fun place, albeit in a dicey neighborhood, but they do have guarded valet parking.
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    I've been staying at the Crowne Plaza next to Cobo Center. Really nice place. Location is good. I don't believe key cards were required for the elevators.
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    That's s good spot. Decent hotel. Great views.
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    The Book is old Elegant Detroit and beautifully restored. The crowne is great too!