Describe your ideal escort/client?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Dominiking, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Dominiking

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    and an ideal good session would be? Let out all your fantasies/kinks/fetishes/ if you have any, what things you want to try etc

    I tell many people, I don't care about looks, color, weight, all I care about is if they show up lol and also being kind, plus salt and pepper in their hair and facial hair makes this curious naughty boy so wet and horny :O :p

    an ideal good session to me is the client opens the door, we grab one another and start making out and licking immediately as we see each other everywhere , lips, neck, nipples, we don't leave one spot of each other untouched or unlicked ;) just touching rubbing each other bodies and worshipping and slurping each other cocks, and after we both shoot, we cuddle some and then head in the shower together to wash off all the dirty things we have done ;) :p

    what about y'all :oops::D:p
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  2. oldNbusted

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    I think someone needs to get over to your place, pronto. :eek::p;)
  3. Depends on the day/time --- the Ideal session can range from extreme kink bdsm to BFE/Kiss-Cuddle/Dining/Dancing/etc
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  4. nycman

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    Affectionate, 6’4’’ Brazilian, hung, voracious bottom, who loves to kiss.

    Yep....that pretty much sums it up!
  5. Funguy

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    I like @Dominiking's description but as the hors d'oevre. It needs to then be repeated at a leisurely pace for those of us who just aren't fully satiated with a one-off. :D:p:)
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  6. SuperJunior

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    I’m not really comfortable with all this, but I’m god damned going to be. I’d like a lot of kissing and lots of kissing and humping. Just some boys playing around. Oh, crap. Remind me to tell you that hooker joke. Woo hoo Australia!!!!!
  7. big-n-tall

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    Well see, as with many... there are initial aspects that draw me to a working guy. A nice body (nice features help as well, i.e. hands, feet, lips, skin), but ultimately having a nice body becomes less important. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate a nice body. However, I've had a few working guys who went from muscle to bearish and I still have fun and find them just as sexy.

    What becomes more important is how he kisses, how he treats me, how he responds to me, and how much we enjoy one another.
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  8. Trick

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    My ideal escort is someone who doesn’t behave like one. During the time that we have mutually negotiated to spend with each other, I want to feel like I’m with someone who cares about me, not just as a sexual partner but as a whole person. I know it’s all a fantasy, but I can suspend disbelief for an hour or so.
  9. Aquarionsol

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    I like any color, height, and up to moderately hairy is good. As for weight too much muscle or fat is a turn off. As for age about 10 years + or - my age is okay. Having a good attitude, being kind, smelling good, and safe to me is a must.

    An extremely great session to me is if a guy can get me purring by sucking my nipples, rimming me, and making me cum hands-free with his dick having fun in my hole.:p I wish I could do the same thing in return hopefully I can in the future.:oops: As for a good session I am up to trying almost anything my only exceptions are with extremes like drugs, fists, whipping, blood, etc... I want to make sure we both get off.:) I am already self-conscience of my sexual prowess so if I see him still hard and unsatisfied I feel really really bad.:(:mad:
  10. gallahadesquire

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    I had my first time meeting with an escort. He had to meet me in the lobby of the hotel.

    We went to the room. I started to make small talk ... for about a minute ... and I was kissed, fondled, caressed, and returned the same, for about forty-five minutes before we came up for air.

    I've spend many an hour with this man since. Yoiks.
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  11. LADoug1

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    An escort who knows how to kiss.