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    As a singer, Paul Simon is a great lyricist. Art Garfunkle on the other hand has the voice of an angel and very limited writing ability. As a team they were great. Individually, neither matches up to the power of the two of them together, IMO.
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    I think Paul's siblings Neil & Carly are more talented than he is.
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    Ethel changed her name well over 70 years ago because it was too long to fit on billboards. She did not realize some people might believe she was Jewish. Who cares? She was easily one of Broadway's greatest musical stars. I only saw her in person twice, both times in "Gypsy."
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    FEW duets posted include two excellent singers, unless you post nothing but Ella Fitzgerald.
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    That said, Carly's actual sister Lucy is a fabulous, though much lesser-known, songwriter/composer (she wrote the beautiful classical and folk-tinged score for the 1991 Broadway production of The Secret Garden, among other things), and Carly's first husband (someone named James Taylor) is certainly one of the greatest singer/songwriters in American popular music.

    As for Neil the great comic playwright, I have unfortunately heard that he is in very bad health - something on the level of Alzheimers or some sort of dementia. Very sad.
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    I remember when he was married to James Mason's sister Marsha.

    A favorite childhood memory... I went to the record department (remember those?) in Alexander's department store. At the register they were selling 'The Simon Sisters sing for children' for ten cents. Obviously, it was a big seller. They had a stack, but I stupidly bought only 2... they made great gag gifts. When gift-wrapped, the recipient obviously knew it was an album & got excited... until it was unwrapped!


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    Speaking of discount albums...

    I stumbled upon a classic... a brilliant comedy album... Totie Fields live in Vegas for 79 cents in the discount section of Sam Goody's (a record store... remember those?).
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    "Kismet" medley.....perhaps Garland and Damone in their best medley
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    Her "Gypsy" tops my list (or ties with Streisand in "Funny Girl") for the greatest female musical performance I have ever seen.
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    I would put Merman first before Streisand.

    And Mary Martin first for turning down shows that became yuge hits, like Oklahoma, My fair Lady and Mame.
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    Paul McCartney got a little help from his friend to close out his first full concert at Madison Square Garden in a dozen years.

    The legendary musician brought his pal Bruce Springsteen onstage Friday to perform the early Beatles hit "I Saw Her Standing There" – not once, but twice – during his encore.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bruce Springsteen!" McCartney yelled as the roaring crowd began chanting "Bruce."

    The Boss then gave McCartney a big hug amid the audience's eruption of cheers.

    Springsteen's surprise appearance was one of the major highlights of McCartney's show at the Garden, which was his first concert there since 2005. He also performed there at the Hurricane Sandy relief concert in 2012.

    McCartney played 40 songs during the three-hour concert, blending many of his biggest Beatles songs with his solo classics and Wings hits.

    In addition to his two renderings of "I Saw Her Standing There" with Springsteen, he played "Yesterday," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "Helter Skelter," "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight" and "The End" during his encore.

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    Two women with soft, delicate voices:

    Another example:

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    Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza Original Cast "South Pacific"
    Broadway 1949
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    This is a bit "syrupy" rendering of "I Talk to the Trees" that is a favorite of mine, featuring Jane Powell and the late Jan Peerce:
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