David, new entrant in NYC.

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by dutchmuch, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Hmmm, another "traveler" now "based" in SF, and aspiring to make in an hour what an average person earns for a full day of work, but based on what exactly?

    PS I have a chiropractor's office next door where I can get top notch professional therapeutic massage for $80 an hour. Granted, Chicago is cheaper than SF or NYC but it's still a good baseline to consider.
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    After speaking with another client of his, it is determined he is nothing but a sculpted scammer when it comes to massage.
    However, if you want someone to body-worship, he's the one to see.
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    Yes, move on...
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    Ding! Capitano has nailed Dave.
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    If he ever visits my city I will take a pass. From what I understand from reading the comments all he provides for $160/hr is a massage....no HE or anything else. Amazing! What's the point then? But the deal breaker for me was when I read his reviews on his Masseurfinder ad......all spaced neatly a few days apart (?).......no one gets reviews posted every few days......unless the masseur is posting them. So it appears Dave writes his own reviews. I guess when you charge $160/hr for virtually nothing no one else will write a review, so you have to write your own.......so obvious.....wow, are those reviews posted close together......August 13th.....August 14th.....and TWO on the same day no less! (August 16th, 2016).......huge red flag.
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    Note Dutchal's post from Sept '16. He doesn't write the reviews, he lifts them:

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    Actually, $80 is a pretty standard rate at a chiropractor's office here on the west coast. If you go to someplace like Massage Envy or Happy Head the price is even lower.

    PS: I agree with the comment about the baseball bat pic. It would be OK if it was taken on, say, a baseball diamond, but on a city street it seems weird.
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    Wow, I feel like the odd one out. I found his ad on Rentmasseur the other day and received a fairly standard massage experience. Had none of the issues mentioned here: no issue with working on my front, no upcharge etc. Perhaps a case of your mileage may vary... Hot guy, friendly and was quite interactive. Luck of the Irish, perhaps!
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    Maybe he was more into you than he was me.
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    1. (of two people or things) influencing or having an effect on each other.
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    That sounds intriguing, did this person say he worshipped him? I wasn't sure if any masseur's did that
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    This guy is hot and polite, and allows you to “finish” yourself as he has a boyfriend. Not worth repeating.
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    It is a shame as he is really hot, but he is truly not worth it. I saw him when he had a different name (i think it was Max). Anyhow, i believe he changes his name to scam those who look for reviews. Sad.
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