Dallas Massuer - I Guess he's full service

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Joshb, Apr 14, 2017.

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    The Aveda Institute "Student of the Month" certificate is also a giveaway, when combined with the picture @Joshb shared:


    I saw a negative review of him (the masseur, not Dallas Steele) on MF in February and posted something about it here:


    It's gone now, and I don't remember the exact comment, other than the reviewer mentioned that he came across as a "party boy."
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    Good question
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    He's in LA now...not sure if anyone booked/experienced.
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    Okay... that Twitter link was quite a surprise - haha! Full Service, Extra Mile seem mild compared to what popped up on my screen (:)
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    I love when a massage session finishes this way.
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    talk about giving him a big tip! woof!
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    Somebody needs to advise Dallas on the difference between masseur and masseuse.
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    Agreed. Good thing he is pretty.
    Maybe he was so dickstracted by the decor that it created gender confusion.

    might have the answer.