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  1. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    For all those Worried About Trump.

    Today's testimony by Comey nailed down, shut, and delivered to the mortuary what my half dozen personal professional contacts who are Secret Service officers say, and my two direct sources inside the intelligence community affirm with no margin of doubt.

    Trump is going to die in prison.
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  2. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    One of my professional things is being expert on LIDAR/3D laser scanning metrology of crime scenes. So I know what the security establishment is doing at any given time.

    That I am happy to do that with no expensive SS protection endears me to them even more!
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  3. pitman

    pitman Viscount

    Can't happen soon enuf (the prison, not the death).
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  4. I did not know you were some kind of James Bond, @AdamSmith .
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  5. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    You have no idea what you don't know about me. :cool:

    I am part of the REAL Deep State.

    Stand back. o_O
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  6. I can say the same...
  7. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    What do you charge by the hour? :cool: And when are you available?
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  8. For an anti Trump Deep State agent? I would do it pro bonus for you, baby.
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  9. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Comey literally told us today it may take another year.

    Cool your jets. Justice travels on leaden wings, but sure.
  10. It wouldn't make me happy seeing him in jail. Perhaps broke, defeated and ignored.
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  11. Oaktown

    Oaktown Earl

    From pinstripes to prison stripes for the Imbecile-in-Chief!

    Buh-bye Don Con.
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  12. Keith30309

    Keith30309 Earl

    It'd have to be something pretty big that is made crystal clear pretty soon.

    The man is 70 and, with teams of lawyers, has been skirting the edges of the law his entire life and, as far as I know, never come close to any criminal indictment. Billionaires very rarely go to prison and only when their fingerprints are all over sometjng, a'la Madoff and sons.

    Major tax evasion? Rape? FCPA and old payments to Putin?

    Anything related to the election would be so entangled with partisan rhetoric that the current "alternate facts" environment would seem like the good old days.

    Maybe if he really did shoot somebody on 5th Ave....
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  13. sync

    sync Count

    It's nice to get a confirmation of my thinking. As I listened to Comy, I was fairly certain he would not have volunteered so much if the trap had not already sprung.
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  14. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    It was more than evident from his testimony.

    My SS acquaintances could not quite believe how directly clear he made it, to any who wished to hear, that Trump personally is a Dead Man Walking.
  15. Lookin

    Lookin "Bestower of Forgiveness"

    A valued insider, AdamSmith knows which way the wind is blowing
  16. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Becoming collusive with TREASON is in its own league.

    Think Chelsea Manning. Think Snowden.

    That shit is big.

    If one single ruble is found to have flowed into his election account, BYE-BYE. ForEVER.
  17. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    I remain unconvinced. With all due respect to the man in the know. A year is a decade in removing a president from office. It won't be certain until it actually happens. Sorry to be a bucket of cold water. I'm sticking with cryonics. :rolleyes:
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  18. Mount N Do

    Mount N Do Baron

    I don't know about Comey, but man... that Putin dude is leveling absolute devastation on Trumps balls.
  19. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    Have trust.


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  20. Larstrup

    Larstrup Count

    History may be our guide here, but I'm reluctant to believe it's our definitive path to resolution to this 2.0 version of it.