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    Had a chance to visit this area recently, and was interested to see or experience some of what is available and advertised. Unfortunately few members here write about this large area, and there are hardly any reviews ever posted, so I thought it would be good to mention some notable sources and sites -- and places to possibly avoid.

    Best sites I found for real and legitimate escorts in this area were: [mostly has European/American escorts currently visiting China and especially Hong Kong, but at least you see who it is, and in 95% of the cases, the information is accurate]
    Planet Romeo (www.planetromeo) has an extensive and updated daily page reference to escorts and masseurs in China. Many visiting working men from Europe/US are familiar with this more European and world-wide site and put it to good use.

    For relaxing: This site is terrific, seems to be constantly updated for major cities. I was in need of a good massage (not a rub and tug session) and found this site for Hong Kong massage spas (which there are many exclusively for gay men). My personal recommendation is for Spa 17 [] if you can book their master-masseur, Stanley.

    This site gives you current places for spa treatments, saunas, bars etc. Many people make comments on the pros and cons of the advertisers and so it is constantly updated.

    To avoid (except for eyeing for eye-candy)::
    I learned the hard way the lesson of trusting sites that are operated from the Mainland (with branch offices in Hong Kong, for instance). They depend on photo models from throughout China who they lure to the cities for the promise of quick money. Many are definitely not escorts nor even trained in the bare minimum aspects of it; most have no knowledge whatsoever of any language except Mandarin (and only few would know Cantonese). They are also masters of "bait an switch" -- you make a booking for one guy and another guy from the site shows up at your door. So use with extreme caution:

    One word of caution from the above three (who as you can see, use or interchange the same models' photos) -- men from the mainland cannot travel freely to Hong Kong or Macau, but can come into these special areas for a limited time (many stay just across the border); once they enter, they can only stay so many days before they have to leave. The roster of "who's available" changes daily because of that.

    In meeting them, I was told by a local man "Never give them your hotel room number! Always insist to meet them in the lobby." Reason is that once they have the hotel room, they can shake you down if you decide not to pay. If you see the wrong man appears in the reception area, you simply walk away. I was awaiting one escort from one of these agencies, and his look was so odd -- hotel reception would not let him come up (and I had hired others from PlanetRomeo who came to the room without a problem!)

    On language, people in Hong Kong and Macau have a good to very good understanding of English; Mainlanders, much much less. If someone is well-educated, his English is fine but finding such a man also escorting is rare; you can find "users" on Planet Romeo who are on the fringe, local men who have excellent English (and often interested in hooking up with Europeans) seeking to know other gay men, and many of them are more than happy to share info about their area.
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    Terrific post, Adriano. thank you!

    Hey @Alec Andrews ...summoning you to check this out based on your travel post you shared this past December. :)
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    thank you!!! much appreciated! In the middle of figuring out when to visit.... I'm excited!
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    Thanks adriano, excellent post!
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    Contact me if you guys ever in Shanghai or Boston :p
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    I visited Beijing in October. After a day on the Great Wall, our tour operator allowed for having masseurs come to the rooms. The price was ridiculously cheap and I opted for a one hour massage. I am not sure the masseur was professionally trained and I was told to keep my underwear on at all times. I had a great massage all the same but of course no happy ending. The masseur spoke only Mandarin. To communicate I spoke into his smart phone that provided translation. Things went well.
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    In China, keeping underware and having no happy ending just indicate the masseur is professionally trained. :)

    Very recently, the Google Translate's ban in mainland China has been cancelled, so you can use yours next time.
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