CBS Poll: Mr. Trump continues to dominate

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    Judiciary Dems accuse GOP of rushing court nominees as 10 advance
    BY LYDIA WHEELER - 12/07/17 12:56 PM EST

    President Trump is nominating federal appeals and circuit court judges at a record pace. And they are being approved by the Senate just as quickly.
    And how many openings was it that the prior president left needing filling? Over 130... so Where Obama tried to weaken the courts and overload them, President Trump gets to fill them.
    All because everyone thought crooked Hillary would take over and force the system into collapse..

    oops... did not happen, and now the courts are swinging to the other side.

    By the end of his 8 years this President will reshape the federal judiciary for generations to come. All thanks to Harry Reid!
    Can someone please tell Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the fact is they do not need her support or input since they only need 51 votes to seat any of the President's choices. Passing these people in front of you is a waste of time.
    The GOP has solid justification to rush these judges through as quickly as they can. As many recent unprecedented leftist rulings blocking President Trump's rightful orders have shown, the courts are loaded with long term liberal influence. That will be taken care of. All part of MAGA.

    Thank you President Trump for making America GREAT again.

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    So, Inquiring minds wanna know.......

    Was Bozo on a drinking bender with Trump before he made his now famous "Jerusalem" speech, or was it just a pair of loose Dentures ? The guy sounded like a skid row WINO.....

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    Trump commissions Bozo's official White house portrait........

    [​IMG] "
    Thank you President Trump for making America GREAT again!"
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    Yes, finally the president gets credit for the economy he and he alone created. And consumer confidence will only get better when hard working Americans are suckered into believing that the huge reduction in amount withheld from their weekly Walmart paychecks is a permanent thing. And that means ..............huge landslide reelection!!!!:):):):p
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    If Trump is re-elected, lets hope that China NUKES us ! :mad:
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    Just the kind of leftist anti-American rhetoric that will ensure the president's historic landslide reelection! Cue that sexy as hell Lee Greenwood in his country come to city fly away silk shirt and vest......
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    Lose dentures or he was drunk...:p

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    Maybe Vladmir's throat was dry...

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    Oh Gurl, you got it twisted, or you are getting Paid to get it twisted; the ONLY thing that is ANTI-American is TRUMP!

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    America is back and it is all thanks to President Trump.

    Eat your heart out Barack Hussein Obama!!! This must really, really hurt!! Every month proves that the economy stunk when the Great Imposter was President. He did his utmost to "kill" our economy.

    Deportations up....
    Border crossings down...
    Stock markets at all time high
    over 2 million new jobs
    5.5 TRILLION in additional wealth
    Business and consumer confidence at near record highs..
    America nearing energy independence

    And all the liberals have left is to lie, whine, complain, and promote fake news!!!

    Build the WALL
    DRAIN the swamp
    Make America GREAT again.

    Thank you Mary and Fred Trump for giving us Donald.
    Thank you President Trump for making America GREAT again.


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    Did Ivanka hire them all at $1.50 an hour to make her clothing line?????? Thanks to Roy Moore we now all know when America WAS GREAT. See that article?????????????????????????
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    The president is pleased to announce the appointment of the esteemed economist and immigration/national security expert Dr. Bozo T. Clown as head of the newly created Office of Sophistry. His main task in this post will be to ensure that the greatest administration in American history gets credit for great accomplishments that it has had no influence in shaping. Convincing the American people of what they need to believe is what will make America and Americans great again!
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    Excellent appointment, but someone should probably explain to Bozo what "sophistry" means. Hint: Its not sophomore chemistry.
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    I would advise Dr. Clown to not get comfortable, as most of this administration's sophistry personnel are/have been/will be subpoenaed.