Buffboyzz return to World II on Long Island

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  1. Cooper

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    It was great seeing buffdaddy and the boyzz back at World II. Both dancers and customers had a great time.

    If you haven't been to World II, it's a large, comfortable, and clean location. There are several new leather sofas for the customers that surround the stage, or, if you prefer, bar tables with stools. Each dancer performs to 2 songs. First in their briefs, 2nd completely naked.

    One thing I really like about this location is the private back rooms. You walk in, close the door, and what goes on between you and the dancer is private. Complete privacy.

    I've attended buffboyzz shows at World II several times and was familiar with some of the dancers. Marcello is one of my favorites. Tall, very handsome with a good build. He'll catch your eye immediately as he'll be sitting on the sofa naked, kicking back, and jerking off. NICE!

    Another of my favorites is Joey. A really nice and friendly guy with a slender build.... One of the newbies stood out in my mind, Ricky who performs his stage show with a whip. Dancer Troy let him demonstrate his whipping skill on his butt. OUCH!

    The lineup had a nice mix of dancers: From muscle man Tank to twinks like Joey and Ricky. Another newbie was Michael. Put on a really sensual stage show. Brody was behind the bar and available for action. There were other dancers whose names I can't recall.

    World II is in West Babylon, Long Island. My GPS took me on the LIE to Exit 49S, Pinelawn Rd. From that point about a 10 minute drive. Plenty of parking behind the club.

    There are many things I like about this SUNDAY venue. It starts at 7pm and the dancers are there ready to go. The music is at a comfortable level so I can hear what people are saying without shouting. There's plenty of seats and easy to walk around. Clean and private restrooms. And, most of all, Buffdaddy. A really good guy who listens to his customers (especially the older ones) and does his best to accommodate us.

    I'll ask Buffdaddy to keep us updated on his next event at World II.

    Hope this helps,
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  2. Buff Daddy

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    Hi Coop great seeing you and others last night. Yes it feels great being back home. Long Island has always been our base from day one. Thanks for the review. Buffboyzz will be @ World II

    this Thursday night from 6pm-12. The next couple of Sundays we are closed due to Christmas, and New Years. This is our schedule. Any one can also email me Buffboyzzentertainment@gmail.com

    DECEMBER 2016

    THURSDAY-DEC 22 6PM-12

    THURSDAY DEC 29 6PM-12

    JANUARY 2017



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  3. Buff Daddy

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    Hi Guys. If your in the New York Metro Area and looking for something different come on down and check out Buffdaddys Buffboyzz Nude Male Strippers tonight on Long Island.

    We open @ 6pm-12

    Cover $20

    We going to do a happy hour from 6:30-7:30 all Champagne Rooms half price of $10 bucks. Coming by train? Show your LIRR ticket to the bar tender and all beverages are FREE

    all night.

    We have a HOT lineup of studs not seen anyplace else.






    MR T




    Early start times. No loud music, Get treated like a Gentleman. Everyone welcomed. We will be closed Sunday for Christmas

    Buffboyzz @ World II

    92 Kean St West Babylon NY
  4. Buff Daddy

    Buff Daddy Master

    World II on Long Island home of Buffdaddys Buffboyzz will be open this Sunday New Years Day night from 8pm-1am. Free sparkling beverages for all. Adult Star Andrew Fitch will headline, plus

    many of your Strong Island Guys. Working on bringing a New York Fighter, Boxer in on Sunday night for you guys. Pleas email me at BUFFBOYZZENTERTAINMENT@GMAIL.COM.

    We do nude male strippers every Thursday, Sunday nights. The new management has been great to work with and we are looking to do many more things at the club.

    Happy New Year to all.

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  5. Buff Daddy

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    Hi Guys we have a very HOT show planed this Thursday night @ Buffdaddys Buffboyzz @ World II on Long Island. All new exclusive studs not seen anywhere else. This group of Strong Island Boyzz
    Introduced themselves to me as the Strong Island Wolfpack. I met them a month or so ago @ Canz in Westbury. So they are now ready to rock and roll naked. Plus lets not forget the talk on Long Island is
    Hot Vinny my Thursday night bartender.

    The Strong Island WolfPack

    Madison- Fashion Model

    Giovanni-Italian Stud

    Thor-Hot Muscled Stud


    I don't do pics on here. If anyone would like to see the guys or be added to my email list just email me. Buffboyzzentertainment@gmail.com

    Getting to World II on Long Island is not complicated. Over 300 thousand people ride the LIRR everyday.

    Ronkonkoma Train to Wyandanch station 1hr

    Babylon Train to Babylon 1hr 15min.
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  6. jake1973

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    It's far for me so I've only been once but I did have a good time. Enjoyed chatting with Buffdaddy and the bartender whose name was Brody I believe?
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  7. Buff Daddy

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    Hi Guys, Its Buffdaddy. We are expanding our hours every Thursday @ World II on Long Island. We now open @3pm. Come see Vinny our HOT new bartender whos down for action as well. Our Sunday hours stay the same from 7pm-12.

    Come tweet and follow us now on Twitter. Buffdaddy@nudemaledancers This Saturday is the return of The Gentlemans Club in Manhattan.
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  8. Open at 3pm??? I wish we have something like that in DC, for my 5 o'clock tea.
  9. LongIslandGuy

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    Thanks Buff Daddy...what's the cost?
  10. Buff Daddy

    Buff Daddy Master

    Gentleman we are going to be doing a show this Saturday night @ World II on Long Island. Yes naked dancers for Super Bowl Eve.

    Doors open @ 8pm
    ShowTime @ 8:30
    Cover $25

    There will be a cash prize given to the dancer who wears the best sports costume. Hopefully a HOT JO Show as well.

    If you would like to attend you can email us at Buffboyzzentertainment@gmail.com

    No Show this Sunday Feb 5th
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