Bruce Jennings, R.I.P.

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    Greeting to All,

    I am saddened to learn today that Bruce Jennings (Portland) passed away in November. I had the good fortune to know Bruce for several years, although, living as I do on the East coast, I saw him only once or twice a year in Portland, during the summers.

    Bruce was a good and gentile man who was as comfortable driving three hours to spend an overnight with me on the Oregon coast as he was with meeting me at my hotel in Portand. With time, he became a friend, as much as is possible for two men who meet as infrequently as we did and whose relationship is partly based on economics.

    The last time we met for an overnight, in July 2005, Bruce spent am hour or more in the morning telling me about about his recent health issues associated with AIDS. I remember that we both shed some tears upon his departure for Portland.

    I am truly sorry to read that Bruce has passed. He was not only a good escort, but, more importantly, a caring an compassionate man.

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    For some reason, I thought this had been discussed here, before, but when I searched there was nothing.

    Bruce's website (oddly still up) used to mention that he had died on Nov 17th from meningitis. This was discussed on Atkol's forum, where it also was mentioned that Bruce experienced paralysis on the right side of his body and had trouble with his right arm (the website mentioned this). Yet, he mainatined a physique that was perfecetly balanced. The problems with his arm were the result of a violent break-in that occurred many years ago. The porn videos apparently edited around his physical limitations. A comment to an article in one of the Portland papers reported that the meningitis was related to lymphoma. This article gave Bruce's age (41 in 2003) and described him breaking into porn via sleeping with a director's ex-boyfriend. This occurred after he came to the realization that his disability didn't interfere with people enjoying themselves while watching him have sex (this "aha" experience happened at sex party in San Francisco and the person who brought him there also encouraged him to do porn).
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    >He was not
    >only a good escort, but, more importantly, a caring an
    >compassionate man.

    So are you, jimmer. I didn't know Bruce but I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I'm sure he appreciated your warmth and friendship as much as you appreciated his.