Boundaries between escort/client

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    Do you treat your escorts like business and is it better to keep it that way or do you try to learn about them more, try to break the boundaries and try to be more than just a client to them :oops:

    does being more of a friend strengthen the lifespan of a escort/client relationship or does it make it end earlier than it should

    Is it possible without one feeling being taken advantage of, I don't want to be rude and robotic like most escorts but also don't want to be walked all over

    what are your rules when it comes to escorts, do you want to know them more outside the bedroom, do you talk at all, do you hangout
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    I would call it an "occupation". Many of the things you cite as hardships are present in any job, plus there's always a threat of being "terminated" which you dont have being self-employed. I am sure there are days you dont want to do it, or people you dont want to do it with, but when you need the income, you DO what ya got to do..... If you feel like you are working 24/7, modify your schedule. Being your own boss allows you that flexibility. And in todays job market, EVERYONE has a shelf-life.... I am not sure if you've had a job other than escorting, but count your blessings that you dont know what HARD really is...
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    grrr u answer the original version boo, answer the new one papi, i changed it bc most people on here are clients so that i get more answer and they can relate more lol
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    I dont hire alot so I'm not an authority, but I would think BOTH the escort AND client have their boundaries, and while I would think its usually the client that wants to cross them and be more than friends, the escort aint havin it. If the goal was to make friends, the interraction wouldnt/shouldnt have a monetary component. the sex would be FREE ! I see escorting as a service oriented "business"....
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  5. Since it is a service oriented bussiness, would you say that the clients that spend the most money or clients that are regular and keep coming back may get friendship like attention? Wouldn't it be benenifical to the escort to a establish a friendship if the escort feels a good connection to promote more connections and more importantly keep the regular coming back? From my readings, many clients have become friends and some even after the escort relationship ends. Thoughts
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    I'm not a client but Imma answer anyways. I dont mind a client wanting to know about me on a personal level. Of course there are boundaries but no one's made me feel uncomfortable with wanting to know more. I feel that it helps build a good relationship. I had someone show me his neighborhood and where he lived and ran into family. This took a lot of trust I feel on his part. We've known each other for a couple years. I felt honored he trusted me enough to do the above. It makes me more confident in our relationship and I feel comfortable sharing personal details. I dont expect guys to share personal details with me but when they do I feel honored that they are comfortable around me. That lets me know I am doing my job right. Cause it's not always about sexy time. Although sexy time is a nice perk.

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  7. I do not feel boundaries other than mutual respect, it is the same situation than in any other human interaction. With some people you may click better than with others. Maybe it is just a personal thing, but my way to interact with people changes a lot from one person to the other. It is not different with escorts.
    *edit for caveat: I do limit my emotional involvement as long as there is a contract.
  8. Do those guys whom you developed such a strong relationship contact you through email,phone or im to converse or discuss stuff ?
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    All the different points of view shared apply to both service providers and clients. We are all humans after all... Having said that, one guy I used to see for massages, until he moved away, would tell me that a lot of his clients ended up being his friends...
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    Text and in person. I honestly detest talking on the phone. And with my hours of working its sometimes not possible to answer the phone. And if Im public transport I absolutely will not answer the phone out of courtesy for those around me.

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  11. LaffingBear

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    1. There's no reason not to be friendly with your rentguy. Im friendly with my housekeeper, hairdresser, the bartenders at a frequent watering hole, etc. Know a little about their lives, family, travels, etc.
    2. If there's any boundary its on my expectations. I don't expect to become personal friends. Perhaps semantics, but I differentiate between friend and friendly. I don't expect to socialize with any of the people Ive listed. I wouldnt expect a rentguy to ask to borrow money... or call me to see a movie (off the clock.)
    I wont declare it impossible, but for me, I consider becoming personal friends with someone I pay to be very very unlikely. I may be more precise in friend vs. friendly expectations - so some here may challenge my point of view. I see no reason not to be friendly with a rentguy.

    Ive had two bad experiences when I let my expectation exceed reality - mistakenly thought a non-business relationship was forming... and it was another escort who counseled me on "friend vs friendly."

    Ive also hung out with rentguys off the clock, enjoyed their company. But it's unlikely they'll ever make my inner circle, nor I theirs.
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  12. Really good advice!
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  14. My writing site? Do you mean my blog? Yes.
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    I don't have any firm rules because each situation is different. I think of boundaries as guard rails not brick walls. They can shift over time -- especially when it's a regular thing. But in most situations, I think @LaffingBear nailed it in making the distinction between being friendly and being friends.

    I couldn't see a guy over and over again if it didn't organically develop into a friendly relationship. To me that means getting to know the real guy, but it does not mean getting into his real life. I want to know when his birthday is so that I can acknowledge it, but I don't expect to be invited to his birthday party. That level of a relationship.

    I have ventured into sugar daddy territory on rare occasions, but that's a whole different animal with its own set of rules and boundaries and pros & cons. Big rewards and big risks.
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