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    I was in Barcelona in late July and had an amazing visit. Great food, great and easy transportation, lots of cultural activities, beautiful hotels, and that sauna, oh la la! It was jammed with world class men, most with beautiful lean muscular but not body builder bodies. Most were Brazilian but some were from Poland, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, and even a Spaniard or two. For years I've been traveling to Brazil and I thought no place on earth could equal the beauty of the men in their saunas but Barcelona certainly did. It's not that there were more than in Brazil but that the quality was so consistent excellent. There was not one guy in the entire sauna that I wouldn't have wanted to go with. Simply stunning.

    But there were lots of types -- a few body builders, a couple slightly fem boys, a couple super machos, some Asians, some blacks, a few Arabs, and the rest looked like college jocks. Most spoke English!

    I was there in prime tourist season and they all asked 70e but were happy to bargain down to 30e. Those leaving soon would sometimes do a final sweep offering 30e. Those prices are a bit higher than Brazil but the sauna itself is less expensive. Costs $16-24 to get in (depends on day and time) and there is no charge to use the rooms -- first come, first serve. I was there in prime tourist season so it's probably less expensive during the rest of the year.

    Smelled lots of marijuana being smoked.

    They have a nice wading pool and large jacuzzi. Couple video rooms and a snack and alcohol bar.

    This sauna is very close to a metro station but also easy walking distance, through very nice residential neighborhood, from the Gayexample, Barcelona's center of gay life.

    I'm definitely going back!
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    I went to Sauna Cortino last year for my birthday week in Barcelona.
    It was such a hot time.
    Jacuzzi was smallish. Maybe 8 people squeezed in.
    Lots of roaming spaces. Movie room, wet and dry saunas (2 each). Showers and a snack bar. Not sure if they served alcohol.

    What was awesome was it was right on Las Ramblas near Catalunya station. You could look down and see the crowds from the windows.

    Lots of men from different areas. Got plowed silly by a muscular daddy from somewhere in the Netherlands.

    I miss Barcelona.

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    It is nice to read that Sauna Thermas is a good as it was the last few times I was there.

    The only thing I would add to your excellent review is the room use. Although the rooms are free (on the floor where the cruising takes place), there are several fairly nice rooms for rent that are larger and have beds and mirrors and air conditioning. I don't recall how much they cost but they are less money than the cost of "suites" in Brazil. These rooms were added a couple of years ago when the major remodel of the sauna took place.
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    I am pleased to read that you had a good time at the sauna Cortino.

    However, since this site has to do with escorts or rent-boys, I want readers here to know that the sauna you mentioned is not a rent-boy sauna.

    The sauna you mentioned is a gay sauna. Escorts soliciting money at that sauna, from other sauna patrons, will be expelled if they are brought to the attention of the management of the sauna.

    The only "true" rent-boy sauna in Barcelona is Sauna Thermas.
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    Luckily I was on vacay and played for free. ;)
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    Anyone been to Thermos lately? I will be in Barcelona in a couple of weeks and want to make sure I'm wherever the working boys are these days.
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    Perhaps you have already come and gone from Barcelona..But I go their quite often and can give you a quick run-down. Thermos is your most economical option. Tons of hot rent boys there and ready. 50 euros is the going rate. Just make sure you negotiate before hand exactly what you want to do and for how long. Its pretty simple...Any hot guy hanging around there is available for a fee. Most of them are straight tops... SO, if you are a top like me and actually want to fuck its a little more of a challenge to find but you will (I certainly fucked a lot of hot asses in that place).
    Another more expensive option is a place called American Boys.
    This is essentially a brothel its going to be at least double the price but a much nicer experience as you get a whole room with a shower and it doesn't feel as sleazy as a sauna. Also, if you are into anything kinky they have a whole kit of toys, hand cuffs, etc.. I got to tie a few boys up there..
    Both have pros and cons..I liked Thermos because for the price of 1 hour with an escort in NYC (for example) you could have like 4 different guys. But American Boys was also pretty good for the fetish stuff....
    Then of course you have escort sites... Barcelona is a good scene for hiring!
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    I'll going back to Bcn in Sept. Thanks for reminding me about this, and thanks for the tips about it @BoyBerlin .
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    What country of origin are the guys available for rent at Thermas? also, do you play in a private room or in an open area?
  10. BoyBerlin

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    @Erid Mainly Eastern Europe and a few local guys and South Americans. They have private rooms. It looks like any gay sauna with the only difference really being dude who is extra hot is there for cash.
  11. Erid

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    Sounds hot. Do they have option to play in an open area? What is the going rate now (2017) for full service?
  12. dupontversDC

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  13. BoyBerlin

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    50-75 Euros... If you are a top make sure this is clear and don't pay until after they have completed the service.
  14. rickx

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    50 as of last week. that was with 4 different guys over several days.
  15. I was in Barcelona for the 2016 Arnold Classic, and i've visit the "Thermos" few times, some solid bodybuilders work there... 40 or 50 € for a serious and interactive muscleworship session, in that place, you pay after, best hour seems to be end of the afternoon.
  16. blackxs

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    when and where are the best bodybuilding competitions to try and hook up with muscle men?
  17. arnold classic is an amateur competition with a very high level, amateurs got less sponsor, let's say, they've need financial support. I recommend you, the barcelona edition, never forget than discretion is a wonderful quality, the tiger classic in Bucharest is a good investment on pleasure and prague's ELVS.
    Some competitors are know for they chaturbate or flirtforfree performances (like roberto alexandru, now doing business in Dubai)

    in 2018, i will try the olympia las vegas, i guess guys will ask more $.

    BUT never forget than humble competitions near to you can bring some good surprises too .
  18. MassageAdam

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    This place is the best, I visit here every time I go to Barcelona and have never had a bad time there.
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    I am thinking of visiting Barcelona in October - is that a "bad" time to visit - or, are the studs at Thermos Sauna year round?

    Question #2 - if I land in London, is Barcelona that far away? What's the best (cheapest, fastest) way to get from London to Barcelona? Or, should I save Barcelona for another trip?
  20. Tarte Gogo

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    London to Barcelona: you fly of course (2 hours and 10 mins) .
    There are trains, but that will be expensive and very slow compared to an airplane, even with the French high speed trains. (Probably about 13 hours total if you don't have very good connections in Paris, Montpellier etc. )
    Buses would take you 2 days.
    You could drive it in about 16 hours.
    So definitely fly.
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