Atlanta masseur Mr. Yeah

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by asd41, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Gives a good massage. I think some extras are available.
    He had a ad a couple of months ago, but only for a short time.
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    Massage was just ok in my opinion. Very light pressure. Seemed to be more interested in the other elements than I was and moved quickly through the massage. He is a generally pleasant guy but I wouldn't repeat.
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    Is it wrong that I want to know who the guy on his table is in those photos - woof (:)
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    I tried to meet him once and got a lecture about attempting to schedule a same-day appointment. :oops:
  7. harlow

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    I think both times I made a same day I must have just been lucky. The second time I did have to wait a couple of hours but we worked it out. I really think he likes advanced appointments or ones made during the day.
  8. InthePines

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    Sort of crazy considering how often Available Now is visible on his profile.
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    Yeah it is. I do know that he saved my number so maybe since I was a repeat he hooked me up. Maybe available to him means he's available to make appointments for a later date lol
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    "Available Now" just indicates that you're viewing the profile during the hours a masseur has listed in his profile. If a masseur's ad states availability 8 AM - 11 PM every day, you'll see "Available Now" if you view the profile within those hours. If it's 10:59 PM, or the masseur is with a client, or he's booked solid for the week it will have no bearing on that indicator.
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    I have contacted a few guys last minute who were "Available Now" and from my understanding, it meant they were pretty much ready for a client then or within the hour or so. I think it works like a Hot Donuts sign.
  13. InthePines

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    Exactly. It's a marketing extra provided to the masseurs that indicates if you have the cash, I have the time. And thanks a lot for that BTW. Now I have the pass the Krispy Kreme on the way to the gym ;)
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    To get back to the original post...He has changed his name on MF to Michael. (real name i think)
    Recently showed up again on, but this time specializing in BDSM.
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