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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by theseus, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. theseus

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  2. tsgarp

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    He's real. Had a very nice time with him. His English is OK. Don't think I'd rehire but have no regrets about the experience.
  3. sydneyboy

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    If you like Asians, in London I can recommend Darksmooth on Strongly recommended.
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  5. theseus

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    Thanks for the info tsgarp!

    sydney boy - I agree he looks great but I'm below his strange 40 year minimum age requirement - he seems to be the only escort that does this?
  6. sydneyboy

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    A pity Theseus. But Lee (his name) just likes older men.
  7. nortech

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    Harris is great. He has a humble nature, but you can't help but thinking "what a great guy!" His body is the best I have ever had the pleasure of having under me ;) Just let him do his massage first... you won't regret it.

    He's a great kisser, and has a tight ass ( and I'm only 6,5" ).
  8. Harris is fantastic. He has got a killer body and his massage is sensational. Would highly recommend.
  9. jj218uk

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    Anyone met Harris recently? I read a review that his English isn't too great? Is he top and bottom ?
  10. theseus

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    I met him recently and wouldn't bother meeting him again. He didn't seem too interested and didn't really pick up on what I wanted him to do to turn me on. The search for a hot asian model in London continues!
  11. jj218uk

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    Is he like the pics?

    He looks very hot!

    But I agree not many hot muscle Asians around
  12. theseus

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    Yes he is like his pics, and although he has a lot of pics online I think they have all been carefully chosen to make him look the most muscular. He was muscled, but not as much as I thoughts he would be.
  13. jj218uk

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    Anyone recommend any reliable Asian guys in London?
  14. irfy

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    wang199005 on planetromeo if you like asian/oriental dom top types.
  15. pubic_assistance

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    Harris was on my list of possibilities this summer while I was in London. Had trouble with communications from the start. The comments above make sense that it would be difficult to organize any specifics if his English language is poor. Guess it's best I passed on him. Pretty to look at, though.
  16. jj218uk

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    I had a booking with Harris but it never happened.

    I text him initially, but no reply, so called him. His english is very limited, it was yes/no answers, and his rate. We agreed on a rate and a time for the following day. I text him the following day as I was leaving to meet him, to get his address and to reconfirm, no reply.

    It's a shame as he is a hot muscle asian guy.