App for Keeping Track of Clients (Income, etc.)

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    Hey all, I was wondering of other escorts could recommend an app that they use to keep track of clients. I don't really need anything that keeps track of my expenses or anything like that. Just something simple that would allow me to jeep track of just escort income along with maybe notes for each "transaction" or even client profiles. I tried downloading Tycoon and its not bad, but if anyone has any other recommendations that would be awesome. I've been using an excel spreadsheet but something more like a database would be much more helpful.

    Thanks in advance,
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    TB keeps great track of everything . . . and everybody! He knows just when i want him to come see me!
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    I love @tristanbaldwin ! WE ARE BUDS! Lol

    I use Excel. I know you use this already, but I find it very versatile and easy to use. I'm very detailed in all areas involving finances. This extends to any and all expenses that are categorized.

    Tristan and I also keep notes on clients. This is especially important for marking down who to avoid if the encounter is bad. I personally use the contact Note section in my iPhone for this.
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  5. FileMaker Pro.

    Kevin Slater
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    Yes. "Santa clauses": Notes on who's been naughty and who's been naughtier. It's, to quote our President, "sad" how many timewasters/titillators/tirekickers seemingly wait a few months and then try to get another bite at the apple. I save these bozos with "Zzz" in front of their name: They populate to the bottom of the list, but are still in contacts so I know who the eff they are.
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    Custom solution I developed that is very similar to many CRM solutions.
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    I used to work in CRM applications. Now I'm laughing at how they might be customized. :)
  9. You'd be amazed by my database.

    Kevin Slater
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    I record transactions in the square point of sale app. It's been helpful. Though it takes a separate dashboard app to see the monthly trends
  11. Somewhat related.....I once had one of my regulars escorts ask me "Do you realize you've spent $x.xx with me since we've been seeing each other?" As incredibly tacky as that was of the escort I didn't miss a beat and told him he must be a lousy money manager since he wasn't retired yet.

    Lesson to be learned here escorts.....don't ever do that!
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    If you use a Windows computer (or have a Mac and wish to purchase software like Parallels so you can run Windows on the Mac) you can build a custom database using Access.
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  13. Not sure of any apps, but I use a Google sheet that I've made for myself.

    Good luck finding the system that works for you!
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  14. Sorry I'm late to the game on weighing in on this one....was overseas and kinda off work for a week; now I'm playing catch up ball.

    'm surprised that I got 'tagged' in on this one, to offer my opinion....because my communication and keeping track of things actually ISN'T as legendary as @BigRic might give me credit for! LOL! Making me blush bro; I didn't write the book on stuff!

    However, I think BigRic and I have the same idea- the only way you get saved in the phone is either if you're REALLLLLLLLLY good or REALLLLLLLLY bad...with kinda no in between. An adjective or lettering system exactly like Ric described is useful in dodging calls from people you know are going to be difficult, or making sure you're gonna snag the call on the person that's a gem to connect with.

    However, spreadsheets and recording how much you made off someone? Ummmm, that's going a bit far, I think someone has a bit too much time on their hands, and to me, that's a total liability if it ever got snagged.

    I'm big on discretion; hell- I'm the type that if my phone is out of my hand(as in lost, misplaced, etc) for more than 30 minutes, I'll call and have it locked and the app will completely wipe it. Information is a good thing, when in the proper hands and situation...but I think all this record keeping isn't exactly conducive to one's legivity in the event you got a knock on your door.

    Remember...that knock can be could have a domestic with your partner, and if for some reason they think finances or there's an accusation of what you're doing comes into play....and they snag your computer? Then your spreadsheets and little records by some ended up becoming a damning document. Explain those numbers or what it's for? 'Charitable Gifts from Benevolent Men'.....ok, then their follow up is- what's their contact info? Now you're on eggshells.

    Case and Point- was accepting PayPal from clients; and I even have a personal training certification, so I could ATTEMPT to make the argument that $250 was for a block of 5 1-hour personal training sessions. BZZZZZZZT. They saw right through that, locked my account. Had to fight to get it back; won in the long run. But all of you who are taking a significant amount of payments electronically....? Square, PayPal, warned! It's gonna happen to you!
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    This thread reminds me of an incident with an escort who once was prominent here. He accidentally emailed his client spreadsheet, complete with full names, phone numbers, comments....the whole nine yards. I informed him of the error and deleted it from my computer.
  16. I'm confused. Anyone with a browser already knows I escort, and unless I'm cheating on my taxes, the relevant authority already has all that financial data in aggregate-- what does the breakdown tell them? I guess I just don't see the particular liability.

    Kevin Slater
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    Idk, I think it depends whether they are paying for goods and services or family and friends. I know back in the day they used to do that, but I don't hear too much about them doing it nowadays. Sure wouldn't use an escort email for PayPal, but rather just a regular name.
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    This, made me laugh. I know you usually take things very seriously...but this shows you have a personality and can laugh and joke genuine! Lol.

    That said...I don't really save anyone. I keep all my text messages, and today's phones (my separate work phone is actually a big, black curved LG slate phone: for those who lie on the forum talking about my phone doesn't ring off the hook. Then why do I need to have 2 lines and 2 phones?) and I have all text messages saved since I bought it last year around Mar.18, 2016.

    This way, if some circus clown decides to contact me, my phone will automatically show all the texts. Likewise, if a client 1,500 miles away contacts me from last time we met 2 years ago, I can say, hey...I remember you, yeah we had such a great time. How are you?

    At the discretion of my personal effects, phone is of course locked.
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  19. @Mocha PayPal locked my account- even when it was a 'Gift from Family and Friends', from a repeated client more than 15 times over(all via PayPal...they noticed a pattern). was a different email and phone number I use for that I had since early 2000's longggggg before I started escorting...and they still figured it out. I think it has to do with 'exit data' from websites, as I explained in a different post. RIGHT before he was paypal'ing me the money, he pulled up a number of other escorts he'd recently hired, asking me my opinion on them. He then typed in PayPal, and banged out the transaction in front of me(not that I needed him to; this guy's word is gold...I've taken checks the whole nine yards from him). The next day, THAT transaction got the account flagged...even though it was no different than 15 others of the same amount from him. I'm willing to bed they analyze WHERE you were looking immediately before you popped in their URL.
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    Think traditional, but When I Work is what I use a schedule tool for my clients and staff. It auto tracks hours. It is also easy app for phone. Just a thought. I have a home healthcare agency.