Anything on Peru?

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  1. 12is12

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    Hi All,

    I'll be travelling the major sights in Peru during Sept., and would appreciate any tips regarding men and venues for free or for-pay fun.

  2. Frankly Rich

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    Even my friends from Peru told me not to waste my time anywhere but the Machu Picchu area. I wanted to go with them to Lima, but they assured me I didn't.
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    In 2008 I went to Peru: Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu and loved my time there. The culture and history that exists in this country is phenomenal.

    As for as the "boys" go, I was NOT so lucky, but that was ok, for I WAS NOT on this trip to "play sexually." While in Lima I hired a guide from Craigslist who took me to a sauna and later to a wonderful, wonderful restaurant which served native food. I enjoyed this as well as his company. At the sauna there was only one "sauna boy" who was engaged, but one local and I cruised the "hell out of each other." We both sat and looked and looked and looked. Because I do not know Espanol or ask my guide to intervene and interpret-- I lost out. I also failed in connecting with the guy because of my inhibitions. When I got up to go to the toilet, his seat was vacant when I returned. I saw that he had begun to redress!

    Damn, I seemed to have been in an acute shy state, and in my looking back at this time, I could kick myself 1000Xs, for he was a cute local and not "for pay." [He wore a regular towel. We looked and looked with interest [...mine being more of a state of perplexity.]

    When this post arrived here, I went to and checked out Lima, Peru. The guys here did not interest me because of their noted endowment as well as most, if not all, wanted to have "their holes" drilled, for they considered themselves to be heavily interested in "being on the bottom bunk!"
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    I was last in Peru in January of this year and as always had a terrific time. I found it quite easy to meet and pick up young guys in the bars -- I recommend Downtown Vale Todo in Miraflores. Oupen Sauna, also in Miraflores, is small but very clean, and there is usually one or two young hotties, some seeking some cash, perhaps 50 soles ($18). There's lots of historical sites and excellent museums to visit. Very friendly people.

    I love Cusco -- beware, it's not tropical, but Machu Picchu is. I didn't seek any gay places in Cusco but there were lots of local cuties with telling glances. I especially liked the art students who patrol the narrow mostly pedestrian streets with their portfolios in hopes a tourist will buy a water color or small oil. Very reasonably priced and a good way to get a conversation started.

    Learn some Spanish!
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  6. 12is12

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    Thanks guys.
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    You're welcome! Please write about your experiences here so that others can use if and when they venture to this part of our world!!
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    According to a friend of mine, who is a Lima native, Lima is now a dangerous city. Motorcycle muggers attack you with little warning, even in the better neighborhoods.
    My friend has been victimized several times being beaten and robbed. Besides that, his own home has been burglarized more than once. He is making plans to emigrate. He was an Official Tour Guide, whose business dried up.
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    Just finished three wonderful weeks in Peru.
    Highly recommended.

    As for sex, no need to pay. Many young gays looking for GWMs.
    THE most popular website is ManHunt, but Gaydar and PlanetRomeo are also useful as well as Mister and SD.

    That said, I did spend two days and three nights with a GREAT guy, who took his time during the email phase letting out that he's for pay.
    His nick on PlanetRomeo is Eikep. He lives in Trujillo, so he has to fly down to Lima. Flight + time together cost a mere 450 soles = $170 !!!
    He's a student of architecture, very well educated, and acted as a good guide in Lima.
    And of course looks great and is great in bed, more top.

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    Any new information about Peru, especially Lima?
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    Eikep mentioned above is still in business.
    I'd have attached photos, but I don't see how to do this here....
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    You have to post them somewhere online (like Photobucket) and then link to them in a post here.
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    Why not just a regular attachment here?

    Anyway, if you're interested in checking him up, his nick on PR is eikep.