Anyone Traveling to Sundance this year?

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by FilmGeek, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. FilmGeek

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    I was excited to go to Sundance last year when a project I was part of made it into the festival. the festival was great and the party scene was increadible. I couldn't get a hotel in Park City and was worried I would be too far away from the action in Salt Lake, but found that most of the film goers were staying in Salt Lake anyways for the same reasons.

    I was surprised to find that during the festival, the entire state only had 2 escorts in it. Neither was my type, but I decided to give one a try. unfortunately he was fully booked on the days I was available .

    I'm going again this year. I worked on two projects that made it and I'm pretty excited. I will defiantly ant to celebrate and was wondering if any escorts will be in Utah from dec. 19 throught the 29th?

  2. OneFinger

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    Good luck. I've not found a lot of escorts going to Sundance. Personally, I think it would be a gold mine for them.
  3. hotman3003

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    Always a fun time, but true, not many escorts. I'll be there!