Anyone attend Buffdaddys new Monday Gentlemen's Club?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by I-zik, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. I-zik

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    Just wondering if any guys stopped by. Lineup looked good, I couldn't make it this week but I'll be there for the next one. How was the opening night?
  2. tsgarp

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    Hopefully it will last more than 2 weeks. That's been the average lifespan of Buffdaddy's shows in Manhattan lately. I will remain optimistic!
  3. Buff Daddy

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    Ok Gentleman. The Gentlemans Club on Monday Nights in Manhattan @ Studio 38 are doing good. Make sure your on my email list for Monday Nights Lineup. I know tsgarp its not easy working in Manhattan all the promoters at any given time can be asked to leave or the club has been sold or a new manager comes in. We were at Uncle Charlies for 3 plus years, I'm on Long island with the Boyzz for many years now. For the last four months I haven't been able to hit the pavement to look for a new venue because of my health. Now that things are better with me I'm able to get around.

    Starting this Friday Buffdaddy and the Boyzz will be @ The Townhouse of New York. They open the new downstairs bar. We will be doing dancers starting at 10pm-2am or later. We are on a trial basis. The boyz will dance on a stage they are building and will do a bump and grind lap dance at your seat. The management has asked me to be tasteful in my promotions on Friday nights and no illegal behavior. There will not be a hundred dancers all fighting for customers. I will have 3 guys starting this Friday night. There will be NO COVER AND A TWO DRINK MINIMUM for only the downstairs bar.

    If all goes well in the weeks to follow the management will then let me put up a curtain for a private lap dance, and a possibility of a future closed door email only event in the downstairs bar.

    This Saturday March 18 is Mega Saturday on Long Island @ World II. We now do a big Saturday night once a month at the Long Island Club. Come see many of the New York Strippers, Long Island Guys, and Guys from Philly, South Jersey, Connecticut.

    World II is located @ 92 Kean St West Babylon NY


    Showtime is 8:30

    Cover is $25

    Jerkoff show with the dancers around midnight. Big Muscle Gavin from Philly was last months winner. He shot a massive load lol!

    You guys can email me if you already don't have my email. Buffboyzzentertainment
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  5. Derrick Rigg

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    Buffdaddy, Thanks for sharing the club and muscle/dickdancer information. Any opening for a southern gentleman bodybuilder dancer?