Any recommendations for Mexico?

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  2. I just got back from Mexico City last week; it's an amazing place; although I did not have an opportunity to explore, it's my understanding that it's pretty easy to find company in the gay bars there; Zona Rosa is the neighborhood with most of the bars, but Tom's Leather Bar is in the Condesa neighborhood; here's a link:; Rentmen has a few listings, and the massage websites have a few listings; do a search here on past forums, too.

    just found this posting:
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    I would NOT recommend Monterrey. It's a large commercial hub without much worth seeing. It is definitely NOT a tourist destination. There would be very little of interest to do during the day and you would need to be extremely cautious being out late at night.

    Mexico City on the other hand has dozens of interesting things to do during the day. If you are considering hiring companionship in the evening you might want to peruse the following A working knowledge of Spanish will be helpful in both locations but not absolutely necessary. You will also have to exercise extreme caution being out late in some Mexico City neighborhoods.
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    I spent a day in Mexico City a few years ago during a layover - stayed in Zona Rosa - there were a few interesting bars in the area. I came across this Twitter site for Escorts which might be helpful (esp if you speak Spanish):

    or this:

    Happy Hunting!