Any MAL/Luncheon Guys Want to Stop for some Philly Fun

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  1. Any of you HOT Stallions

    Available or who are planning to stop in Philly on the way back to NYC or other exotic locations?

    Kinky Bear loves to Play with Top Guys who are at the Top of their profession!

    Hosting in Downtown (aka Center City Philly) easy access to Amtrak/Bolt Bus/NJ Transit/With Parking if you are

    are Driving. Respectful kinky cuddly bear gentleman here - offers the comfort of his holes home and fireplace to professional gentlemen of quality and substance (aka Hung-Fun-Cool)

    Private Home on Quiet Block offers WIFI - 2 Fireplaces - Party Shower for up to 4 with Bondage Attachment Points - Sling/RimSeat/Bondage Bed/Lots of Gear from Hoods to Med-Fetish -- Private Bedroom and Bath for Gentleman Callers Downtime - 5 Blocks to Gym and 8 blocks to the Best Pastrami on the East Coast -- Lifting the Sandwich is a workout in itself!

    Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Wet and Wild!!!
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  2. Phil_musc

    Phil_musc Count

    Where do you go for this fabled Pastrami? To the Famous deli on Fourth?

  3. LOL good to know that you are focused on the important meat!

    Yes PHL pastrami from Famous 4th Street Deli

  4. Come on Guys --- Don't Be Silly -- Stop in Philly!!! Travel Costs Not a Problem
  5. If you are inviting escorts, maybe Ask an escort is the best forum for this thread.
  6. mike carey

    mike carey Duke

    Maybe, instead of seeking to convince a gentleman to take a stopover in Philly, @Bearofdistinction should buy himself an Acela ticket for next weekend. Of course if he has already come to an agreement with a gentleman, my thoughts are moot!
  7. Thanks Mike - But I would need 3 noble luggage-bearers to carry all the gear!
  8. Charlie

    Charlie Peer

    I thought Famous 4th St Deli had closed.
  9. Not the original on 4th and Bainbridge --- They had opened a second location on
    19th Street Btwn Market and Chestnut -- That 2nd location closed.
  10. Charlie

    Charlie Peer

    Thanks for the clarification. I haven't eaten at the 4th St location for a number of years, and didn't know about the second one.
  11. Phil_musc

    Phil_musc Count

    I didn't know about the second location either. Guess it doesn't matter now.
  12. Well no one wants to stop in Philly so far - I have one potential gentleman

    But I feel like I have bonded with 2 other fans of big spicy smoky meat!

    Well Pastrami Boys Wanna meet for lunch at Famous 4th Street and talk dirty
  13. mike carey

    mike carey Duke

    Haha, I guess some things were just not meant to be!
  14. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    Adonis NYC dancer "Sam Philly" told me Tony Luke's on Oregon is the best place for cheese steaks.....better than touristy Pat's and Geno's, he said.....

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  15. Definitely Better but the
    Best cheesesteak is John Roast Pork
    at Front and Snyder
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  16. Drove by Johns this afternoon the line was wrapped around the bldg
  17. Phil_musc

    Phil_musc Count

    Clearly I need to get out more and sample all this haute cuisine. On the cheesesteak from though, I would like to cast a vote for
    Dallesandro's in Roxborough.
  18. A Cheesesteak choice is a very personal thing to a Philly Boy -- But the jury is in on John's cheese steak.htm
  19. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

  20. Neither are the boys who Handle the Pork and the Beef -- They are nephews or cousins - especially in the summer

    And Speaking of Summer --- Lots of Hot Blue Collar/Construction/Utility Workers without shirts in the summer with

    steak juice and pork gravy dripping onto their chests -- Talk about wanting to play with their food!
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