And ya'll think ahm repulsive.....

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    He really should step down.
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    That you, boss?
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    Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio are both running for Jeff Flake's seat. If McCain's seat becomes open, one of them could switch to that race and both could be on the ballot in November - a GOP Dream Team, from the Democrats' POV.
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    Now, Sarah, that's just not true. The Trump White House has set a very high standard for REPULSIVE. And (as in so many other ways) you really don't measure up.

    I think most of us just think of you as ... um ... unfortunate.

    And a great big liar.
    Well, I wouldn't go that far.
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    Ward says McCain's got to go
    Source: azcentral

    "I hope that Senator McCain is going to look long and hard at this, that his family and his advisers are going to look at this, and they're going to advise him to step away as quickly as possible," she said on Indiana radio WOWO 1190 AM, just a day after the diagnosis was made public. "So that the business of the country and the business of Arizona being represented at the federal level can move forward."

    Naturally, she told the radio station that she would be the logical replacement.

    "I have a proven track record of years in the Arizona state Senate of being extremely effective and of listening to the voice of the people that I represent,” she said. “And you know, I made an extremely good showing against Sen. McCain against all odds."

    If, by extremely good showing, she means she lost by 10 points, then yeah. Her showing was stellar.
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    At the very least, he would go out a hero in so many ways to so many people. He would even be loved by more Democrats than he was before.
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    McCain has served the nation long and honorably. He has consistently called himself a maverick, and it is true, and it is also probably why he was not nominated for President in 2000. My guess is that there was bad blood between him and Trump long before The Donald made his slighting remark in 2016.

    McCain’s problem now is how to secure continuation of his values after he leaves office. It is pretty clear that, unlike Harry Reid, he has not built an organization to carry on after him. That makes his eventual exit even more poignant. It also points out why it is probably a good thing he did not become President. As a human being he is an example of virtue. As to political values, likewise. As a builder of enduring systems, not so much. All the same, he deserves credit and thanks.
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    Ms. Ward's comments suggest a notable difference between the vultures of nature and the vultures of human nature is that vultures of nature have more class.
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    I think that is very true that he did not really create a successful organization to carry on if and when he decides to cede power. However, I am not sure that even if he had it would not just have been pushed aside as it has been by other more conservative Republican organizations. It has happened elsewhere where a moderate Republican is defeated in a primary and a more conservative one takes their place. That fear is going to decide some of the fields in 2018.