Amsterdam Layover Jan 7

Discussion in 'Traveling Members' started by tristatesub, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. tristatesub

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    I have a 5 hr layover at Schiphol on Jan 7 and wanting to see if there's anything I can do near the airport. Maybe meet up with someone nearby who can host. HMU.
  2. mike carey

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    You may want to check whether you would be clearing Schengen customs and immigration at Schiphol during your stopover (if your final destination is in the Schengen area). If you would otherwise be in the transit area for the five hours, inwards (and possibly outwards) customs and immigration clearances would seriously reduce the time you had available for other activities.
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  3. tristatesub

    tristatesub Newbie

    Thanks for the reply! Im assuming Id have to clear customs and immigrations even though Im flying to Asia. not sure if 5hrs is enough to spend 2hrs in the downtown area...
  4. Truereview

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    I can assure you it won't be enough time. I had a similar layover and nearly lost my flight - and I have all sorts of expedited clearances. I learned my lesson and the next time, I met my playmate at the Sheraton on Schipol Blvd. the catch is meeting someone who is totally reliable (punctual too!). My guy moved to Brussels, otherwise, I'd give you his name. :(
    Hopefully others have better ideas or suggestions on how to make it happen.

    Btw, Welcome to the Forum!
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  5. Charlie

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    Amsterdam is a very congested city. It is not a place where you can get around quickly, so the process of getting there from the airport, finding your way around to meet someone downtown, do more than a real quickie, and then get back to the airport--which is also a very busy one--would probably take too long and sap the fun out of the experience. If you do it at all, make sure you have someone very reliable who can meet you near the airport to do the deed. Oh, and have enough euros, even if only for transportation.
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