am I the only one?

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by amanfr, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. amanfr

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    I was just curious weather I'm the only one who prefers a massage which starts and seems very therapeutic and then slowly develops into something more. The something more could be even just some inner thighs brushing or detailed glutes work. It drives me crazy when the masseur initially covers you with a towel and then takes it off or folds it to do do the legs and/or glutes.
    I am curious to know if others share similar xperiences/desires.
  2. cmon

    cmon Newbie

    I'm the same - I think there is something super arousing about the will he or won't he nature of an ambiguous massage and whether those light ball/cock/ass brushes are accidental or something that will lead to more.

    I once had a massage that I assumed would have been strictly therapeutic from the vibe and action I was getting until I kind of bucked my ass up and the masseur went straight to rubbing my hole haha.
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  3. fratphysicals

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    Agreed, but that is only enjoyable if there is an ending. I can think of a few that have morphed from a therapeutic to a sensual and just stopped shy of an ending, which left me extremely disappointed.
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  4. I'm with you. When the massage moves down to my ass and I'm wondering "How far will he go?"...when he's moving closer to me and feeling his cock or balls against my skin, or when he lets his cock slip into my hand. It plays into a fantasy about being seduced, unwillingly at first.
  5. newatthis

    newatthis Viscount

    Or of seducing him ....
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  6. Nibay

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    Yeah, I am the same way. I kind of like not knowing how far things are going to go. I think draped with a towels only adds to the excitement. Interesting enough, I am always undraped for all my massages.
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  7. PaulM

    PaulM Master

    The thrill of the unknown is always exciting!
  8. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Check out and their category for "massage "! I've arranged one of this type for next week! Very Hot, with all the elements and fantasies mentioned.
  9. Rudynate

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    I have a small exhibitionist streak. I really enjoy plopping myself down on a massage table in the buff with the masseur standing there and not having to fiddle with covers.
  10. beachboy

    beachboy Count

    Oh yes. Let it all hang out!
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  11. EVdude

    EVdude Lord

    Ah to each his own. I love overt sensuality from the get go!
  12. with whom, if I may ask?
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  13. clayco123

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    Mmmm to all of the above! And to answer your question, you are NOT the only one!
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  14. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    I never know how far to go on this forum with personal info. OTOH, I rarely get my hand slapped for going too far, so what the fuck. I'm being taken care of by the burly and completely remarkable Lance Navarro, who is visiting SoCal (LA and PS) soon. If you haven't experienced this huge, passionate, uncut, sweet guy, now is your chance! He's normally in the foggy gay area, but is blessing us for a few days.
  15. glennnn

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    I'll happily fiddle with or without your covers any time, my Rudynate.
  16. amanfr

    amanfr Apprentice

    I was wondering if you fold up or down when you are on your stomach getting a massage.
  17. clayco123

    clayco123 Journeyman

    I always fold down
  18. Me too. There's unwillingly seduced, and then there's just making it too damned difficult.

    Glennnn, I'm envious. I haven't been to the west coast in 6 years, otherwise I'd be looking up Lance too.
  19. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    I love this feeling of the unknown... I don't carry about the HE as long a sits amore than decent massage and he works over my ass..if I get hard and he doesn't touch my dick I am fine with that..but ohh those sly gliding hands on my inner thighs and the way his fingers may press down on my hole when going over my butt..that does me in :)
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  20. pubic_assistance

    pubic_assistance Viscount

    THIS is pretty much the main reason, I try new masseurs at spas. I love the excitement of not knowing how the session will evolve...and I always tip very well if they read body language, and respond, with "special treatments" that don't require verbal discussion.
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