All Call..we're dying out here!

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Kippy, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Kippy

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    What would it take to have a bevy of hot young guys under 30 make a swing through Phoenix a few times a year? For a metro area of 4.5 million Phoenix has one of the slimmest escort scenes in the country! Please send backup...anyone one off the "Good Ole Boys" thread will do just fine![​IMG]

  2. Funguy

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    Tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't take.
    Send me one and I'll reply.
  4. Smurof

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    Phoenix is the Florida of the West. People move there to die, not to sprout up!
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  5. rvwnsd

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    Someone forgot to tell that to the 91.1% of the population that is under 62 years of age, not to mention to the 72K ASU students who reside in the area.

    The median metro-area age is 32.2 years.
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  6. azdr0710

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    I've also noticed the pervasive reputation among "outsiders" that the Phoenix area is rife with only retired folks playing golf and tennis.....

    to add to rvwnsd's statistics above, especially the Phx metro median age of 32.2, please compare our median age to that bastion of wholesome youth, Salt Lake City:

    from google:
    The 2016 Salt Lake City Metro Area, Utah, population is 1,170,270. The median age is 31.4. The US median is 37.4.
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  7. Keith30309

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    The answer to your drought is simple - you just need to make it rain.

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  8. Pepper Young

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    You think the escort scene is bad in Phoenix? Try living in Tucson! Sometimes there's like one ad. Sad!
  9. Phoenix, Tucson, whatever! Try Little Rock!!! It's drier than Cleopatra pussy!
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  10. Kippy

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    You are so right. Male escorting should easily be a minor at ASU! :rolleyes:

  11. rvwnsd

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    I am on a quest to determine if that is, indeed, the case. However, I'm not fond of college-age guys, so I'll have to work on the graduate and PhD programs. ;)
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  12. Flynn

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    JasonW told me he is available for travel, just don't send him the money for the air ticket!
  13. Smurof

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    I stand corrected then. They're dying faster than I thought!
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  14. johnjohn

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    I have met most escorts on grindr , jackd, scruff.