Advice for someone hiring for the first time

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by Geek4muscle, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Geek4muscle

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    Hi there guys. Found the forum while googling an escort I was looking to hire when I was in his area but who has since retired. I am attached and looking for a guy to muscle worship mainly. Any advice suggestions from your first time?
  2. poolboy48220

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    Tons of advice for newbies if you browse around. Are you looking for suggestions for specific guys? It helps if you let us know where you are looking to hire.
  3. Geek4muscle

    Geek4muscle Newbie

    Ohio Cleveland area here. New to the forum so my apologies if there is a sticky post. I'll browse around some more.
  4. MikeyGMin

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    Unless you are looking for some crazy HUGE muscle guy, it looks like you've got a couple of very muscular guys in your area. If one of them strikes your fancy, search their name in the Deli forum. You can often find good information there. If nothing is found or it is outdated, create a thread in the Deli with the escort's name and location. It's very helpful and you'll get the most response if you embed the link to their Rentmen ad.

    Good luck!
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  5. VictorPowers

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    There is a lot of info already in this forum. If I were to give a good tip, be clear in your communication.
  6. Geek4muscle

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    Thanks very much guys I appreciate it. I've seen Cleveland gets a decent mix of muscle guys my biggest hurdle has been having free time to schedule something.