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  1. Epigonos

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    I have a question for any posters who regularly attend the L.A. Adonis Nude Party. I just attended my first one with a friend and was much taken by all the eye candy present. Now my question: Do many (any) of the "dancers" escort on the side. I slipped three of the guys a twenty with my phone number attached and told them I was interested in getting together privately. Thus far I haven't heard from any of them and its been a week so I'm not expecting to hear.
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    most of them are straight...but I did get some guys saying they would like to meet me privately if I wish.
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  3. tsgarp

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    The ones who give you their phone numbers are the ones who are open to spending time with you outside the party...
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    The next Adonis Nude LA party is this Saturday, 3/18!! Does anyone or do any dancers utilize the $150 private room option at these events? I've been to the nude party a few times but it seems that everyone opts for the $20/song group lapdance area. Hmmm...
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    for those interested in the Adonis LA nude party, keep in mind that you must be on their mailing list.....details are only sent out that way

    click on "Contact" at this link and submit your email address at upper right:
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    @BigRic Does your studly self have any insight into my question re: nude party VIPs? :)
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    Sent you a PM, @Chidude. No disrespect intended, @Epigonos, but I'm not sure anything is being broached here so far that hasn't been discussed in other Adonis nude threads?
  8. BigRic

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    Per the Adonis e-mails, another LA nude this Saturday night, May 27. (James "Denver" in da house, both right now at Fubar and Saturday night at the nude.)
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    Damnit!! I will be out of town and the uber sexy James from Denver will elude me once again. Some day soon I will get my...hands on him!! :(:mad::p;)
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    Oh man!! My all time favorite ginger, Seth Fornea is apparently a last minute headliner for the LA Nude party tonight. Aaaargh!! I'm so bummed I am out of town and will be missing the delicious debauchery. Any guys here attending tonight's LA party? I want the full blow by blow!! :);):p:D
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  11. BigRic

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    Haha was just texting with Seth earlier this afternoon.
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  13. GR0981

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    Hey Ric - can you PM me? I'm new to this forum but a semi-regular at Adonis, and had a question for you, but I think since I'm so new I can't directly message you.
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    Welcome to the forum, @GR0981.

    Unless it's super personal or salacious, I'd cautiously suggest going ahead and posting whatever your question is here so we might all enjoy/benefit. Please understand that if you're asking me about another "dancer" I may not be able to answer your question.

    And if you're looking to hire me for perhaps a duo with another Adonis guy, by all means click my ad link (in my sig) and e-mail or text me directly. :)

    (P.S. - You not being able to PM has to do with how I've adjusted my Privacy settings not your newness.)
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  15. GR0981

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    @BigRic Thanks, I emailed you.
  16. Has anyone had the pleasure of Seth aka Gingerbella ?
  17. azdr0710

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    next Adonis LA nude party is Saturday, September 23.....will probably be in Encino at a private must be on the Adonis LA email mailing list to be admitted......$50......

    register your email address at upper right after clicking on "contact" (you don't have to fill out the "form"):
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  18. Anybody from here planning on attending? I'm thinking of going (depending on where it ends up being located) an would love some like-minded company ...
  19. Kman

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    So I am a strip club virgin so the Adonis LA site says there is shows Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Are they open other nights too?
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  20. tikigod

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    Sunday and Wednesday nights only, at Fubar in Weho, Thursdays were in Palm Springs but not for the rest of this year.
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