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    I just got back from a weekend in NYC. Since there is a bit of a discussion right now on the Adonis party, I figured I would give a brief trip report of my weekend. I am a mid 40s, lets say late middle 40s (sounds better than late 40s!) very overweight balding guy. I mention that solely to give some perspective, a young good looking 20-something would probably have a very different experience and observations doing exactly the same things. Also, since I know people from a couple of these places are here these forums, I am just making some observations, I am not trying to be mean or nasty. If you do venture to the city as a tourist, keep in mind that though there are "gay neighborhoods", most of the stuff ids spread out still. And in a city as big as NYC, there is both something for everyone, as well s enough everyone to fully support business outside of being identified as solely "gay" oriented. So if you are looking for things to do, forget about the gay guides and just look for the types of places you want. You will fit in.

    Getting into the stuff of interest to this site, I first decided to check out some adult stores. I read about this place called the Blue Door Video shop. What I wasn't expecting was a regular video shop, that also happened to sell adult videos and a few toys. There used to be a time when adult shops were... fun. If any of them had movie booths, I missed them. In all cases, none of them on a Thursday night around 9 or so had anyone there. I also found a few on 8th ave somewhere, I don't even know where I was (I get lost in New York easily) One had a huge selection of adult toys, including several gay ones. There was an Indian clerk there. I never experienced before a clerk following me around trying to suggest sex toys to me before. It was definitely a New York moment.

    So, yeah, the two big things - the Adonis Nude Party and the Cock Bar. I went to the Adonis Party first. This was actually not my first trip - I went sometime on one of my trips several months ago when stars and dates aligned. It is downstairs (why is every place in NE York up or down a steep, long flight of stairs?) in what I think is an S&M club on an otherwise quiet residential street. You enter by means of a long, kind of sketchy hallway, but don't let that put you off. The place isn't bad - not a high-end club or something you find in Montreal, but in some ways I kind of like the more basement feel - kind of gives it just a little edgy vibe. You pay your admission, walk in, and a bunch of guys are standing around. Eventually it occurs to you some of them are naked. Maybe I am a bit jaded, maybe I am just slow, but somehow that whole buzz of walking around with a dozen or more sexy good looking guys just waiting for you to walk up to them...just didn't happen! I mean, it was just like it was any other normal strip club. Now part of this might be because the guys are a bit pushy. Let's face it, they are there to make money, so as soon as you make eye contact with any of the naked guys, they are going to make a bee line to you. If you are a nervous first timer, don't be scared that you are going to be looked over because you are not good looking or someone's type, don't worry. The hot guys will come over. And in that case anyways, don't be afraid of looking the guy over - that's what they are here for. They will be leading you, you will not be pushing them. On the other hand, that is the big problem with the party - it is just another strip club, albeit no stage. I, and I noticed a few other guys, seemed to have problem checking out guys bodies from afar. Let's face it - the reason I wanted to go was to get a chance to stare at some good dick. The whole thrill of being openly naked. But any time one of the guys got the slightest sense they were being checked out, they make a bee line for you and try to sell you on a lap dance. It is like going into a cell phone store and the sales people constantly hounding you. What an odd idea to have these naked guys standing far too close to you begging you to sit naked on your lap while you feel their chest... wait, maybe that isn't quite as bad as I thought, now that I think about it.

    Anyways, I will say the dancers looked good, if a bit overly shaved. They are more the muscly types, mostly (though not all) straight. There was one token twink there, with a feather thingy around his neck. I think it was more to make sure there was something for everyone. Lap daces are $20 a song more or less. They do seem to not do very good job keeping track, but then again the ones I did I think it was more they lost track too. There are two dance areas - a loft level upstairs and a side room downstairs. Upstairs is a bit roomier, though as I am not good with heights we had to stick to the back wall. There is a little more light upstairs, makes it easier to see. This is good and bad. Leave it at that. Actually, no - for people who have been to other clubs, like those up north, the daces are pretty tame. Yeah you can tough the dancers, so will let you touch more than others, but anything I did, or saw being done, didn't go much further. Not saying nothing does, but I didn't see any of that anyways. On the other hand, The guys themselves were far more talkative and social - you actually made a connection with the dancer. One guy I had a dance with both the last time I visited and this time. in fact he and a few other guys recognized me, which is better than I did. The first guy, I forget his name but he is a regular dancer at the parties. Straight guy, who is open to talking about straight sex and stuff ( this is far more of a turn on than straight guys think, hint hint). He supposedly did some solo stuff. There was some touching going on, he did introduce me to some nipple play I was previously unaware I would even tolerate, let alone enjoy. I mention this because the dancers here actually made an effort to find what you like, instead of just pressing their bodies against you and gyrating a little bit. The second guy turned out to be one of the headliners, Jackson Grant. To be honest I was only going to do one lapdace, but this guy showed up a bit later. Unlike almost everyone else, he had hair on his chest and full pubic hair. I don't care for the shaved look. He seemed a bit awkward while standing around at the bar - he was the only guy I had to approach myself, and as an aside for newbies, remember they are looking to do this. Don't be bashful. They will keep the conversation going and get to the right points before you work up the courage. But in the back room, he was incredibly social. To the point that at one point I ( and maybe he?) actually seemed to forget we were doing a lapdance. again it didn't go too far although I sure if I wanted more something could be arranged elsewhere, but at the same time the dances themselves seemed a bit more enjoyable, at least the ones I had. So was it worth it? Price is a bit steep, and quite frankly the titillation of the naked guys was less than what I have experienced elsewhere. What I kept wishing was that the dancers were not so pushy and trying to sell lapdances. I wish you could just stand around and have a conversation with them without having to be pressured. That would something more unique. Then again, this is the north east and is probably the best you are going to get given laws.
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    After Adonis, I decided to check out the Cock bar. A word of warning from experience - this is on second ave, near, but not on, second st. That can get you messed up. It is a couple of block walk from the stations, so make sure you either have GPS or directions on you. the neighborhood is not really high end, but seems to be gentrifying, so I am not sure how long they will be able to last in this location. But they are there for now.

    The place has two floors - the main floor, and a downstairs basement. The entry cost is $10, and I get the impression the downstairs is only open certain times, can anyone confirm?The upper floor was dead, but I eventually found the downstairs portion. You have to descend this ladder that thinks it would rather be a staircase. I have no idea how anyone who is drunk or high can manage it, and most of the customers there were one or both. The place is very much a dimly, in fact very very dimly, lit basement. Almost a cave like feel. In fact I kept thinking how cool this place would look if it was filled with lots of candles. Anyways, there are two rooms, one larger open are to the front, down one small step. If you get bored, and that is very likely as most people are just standing there waiting for something to happen, just stand and watch everyone trip as they miss the step. There is a little I guess corridor way, with two railings on either side. Gogo dancers, burly dudes, maybe your thing maybe not, gyrate there. It is not a matter of how can you get close enough to brush against them. It is more a matter of how you can squeeze by.

    The back room has a bar and this kind of cove like area, maybe was an old fire pit? Where the gogo dancers give lap dances. The pit has a seat that wraps around three sides, so lots of guys sit there. Yes, this is where the lap dances happen. Yes, the lap dances happen right there as you are sitting, and yes, there are guys sitting there watching. Well gawking. Really, this is NOT the place to go if you want a lapdance but are the least bit reserved or shy.

    On the other hand, lap dances are not really the big thing here. OK, I will get right to the point - yes stuff happens here. In the open. Now it was not this endless orgy like some stories have you believe. But you could find something happening if you wanted to. The place is really, really dark, so it is not like you see much cock, rather you see guys doing what guys do and you know they are doing it and they know you know they are doing it. I think they do it more for the trill of doing it right there than anything. And the spectators are not shy. In one case two guys started going at it right next to withing seconds there were guys swarming around, literally pushing their way in to get a close up look. In some ways it was kind of creepy.

    But in another sense I found it rather fascinating. Probably the first time I ever felt like I was not the most perverted or creepiest guy in the place, and being able to drop all attempts at decorum and to be able to be all horny and voyeuristic. But it was also really interesting to watch the types of guys here. I was surprised that a majority were youngish geeky guys. No gym bunnies, good mix of all types, Asian, Black, Hispanic, White. And Yeah a lot of older guys too, but somehow everyone mixed. You saw some old guy getting a BJ from a younger Asian guy. Dare I say, somehow it felt like you were accepted and belonged. horny, but accepted. I will say though that there were an awful to of either drunk, or more often very high guys. In fact these were most of the guys providing entertainment. I did feel a little bit guilty when I left, like somehow I was taking advantage of the addicts. I have no idea how most of them made it back up the stairs let alone home.

    Sorry I rambled on so much. But it seems like getting good info on these places i hard, so yeah, here it is. If you bothered to red through this all, and felt like adding your experiences please do so. Enjoy!
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    Great report. Thank you for taking the time.
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    Thanks for the detailed report. It's nice, for those of us not familiar with the place, to get the kind of detail about a NYC experience that we used to get in the Montreal reports.
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    That's because of NYC laws that require those kind of shops to have a certain percentage of their space devoted to non-porn merchandise. So you got to walk through aisles of G-rated videos to get to the "fun" stuff.
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    This law is so typical of big city logic or probably anywhere stupid logic. What is accomplished by insisting on having a mix of porn and "family-friendly" videos? There are some many examples of this BS.
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    The city is hoping that the restrictions cause the adult business to fail. They can't outright ban the businesses on First Amendment grounds, so they regulate in hopes that it becomes cost-prohibitive to operate. - require them to devote a substantial amount of expensive real estate to non-revenue-producing activity that the part of the business that makes money can't recover.
    They don't really make much effort to hide that. This was Giuliani's "innovation" to clean up Times Square and other spots.
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    Good to read your report and details aplenty...though it does make me long for the days of the Gaiety Theater where you could stare endlessly at hot naked guys who performed on a stage for your lustful eyes without the distraction of getting hit up for a lap dance. I agree that the dingy Adonis nude party basement space isn't conducive to anything more than furtive glances at naked models walking by on their way to their next lap dance customer. Club 20 was a full blown club that Adonis inhabited for one night a week, and also had a full bar with comfy seating and a stage for the dancers to strut their stuff, allowing you to enjoy yourself in between lap dances. Unfortunately, what we have now isn't like the good ole days, but what is like the good ole days ?
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    I visited Fairytail for the first time Thursday night and left after less than an hour. I didn't like it at all. Everyone was just standing around! I was constantly hassled for a lapdance by several dancers (4 times by the same guy!). I had to focused on the TV screen infront of me so I don't make eye contact with any of them. That was not a fun night for me.

    I prefer Montreal better, I can at least watch the dancer on stage. So if someone whos not my type approaches me, I can ignore him and pretend I'm more interested in the talent on stage. Also, they're not as pushy.
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    Fairytail is usually better on Fri-Sat. If you want to give Thursdays in ny another shot, go to The Monster. It can get fun and they have special guests sometimes :rolleyes:
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    Went to the Buffboyzz new Thursday night on Long Island. For us out in Queens and Long Island this is the place to be, blows anything away that's happening in Manhattan. Like Cooper said

    private rooms you close the door. Had a dance with Hot new bartender called Vinny, And another new dancer that I believe worked at Fairytale named Sean . All dancers naked on stage.
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    Thanks! I was just looking at
    and sorry to report that it sucks. Uniquely uninformative while probably assaulting your computer with all kinds of malware and freezing in the process. They don't mention shows in Long Island, just Manhattan and a whole bunch of bigger cities across the US. Not clear what happens during and especially after the listed 2-hour shows with general admission of $25. But you can order a $100 "penis shaped cake" two days in advance ;-)
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    Thanks, this is more like what I was looking for!

    Was just looking on Google maps, Babylon seems pretty tough to reach from Manhattan, how is the experience at Uncle Charlies if anyone has done it?
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    Unfortunately, Uncle Charlies is permanently closed :/
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    But the site given above lists it for Saturdays? Sundays it's Long Island.
    Could be they are renting the space one night of the week until some other business takes over that location?

    Hope to clarify before I come back to NYC, which, unfortunately isn't soon :-(
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    I LOVE The Cock!

    Again, maybe it's because I'm more of an exhibitionist than most, but it's a playground for sleazy fun

    I start off in a jockstrap, thong, or slutty underwear and eventually end up fully nude and completely erect. As with everything in life, money talks, and I love seeing how far guys are willing to go...

    I enjoy Adonis and Spunk, but it kind of reminds me of an awkward first date. Theres the courting each other, chatting it up, seeing who makes the first move...
    I find it just as difficult to speak with strangers (a slutty introvert, who knew?!), so it's a bit odd at first
    In a perfect world I'd say, "hey, let's talk for a bit, get comfortable, take it to the back, get slutty, and see what happens..."

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    Thought about this place tonight. The go-go dancers at the Cock - it seems they do lapdances in one of the cubbyholes. Anyone ever get a lapdance here? How are they?