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  1. gateway558

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    I have communicated with him via email and one phone call. He is fairly new and required full payment at start of the date. He has to take 1 hour train trip from SF to SouthBay to see me for a proposed 3 hour date. I have always been wary of paying upfront and seldom do so. I did get him to agree to 50% at start of date and 50% at end of date. Being my "paranoid" self I always worry about a sting of some sort. I would pick him up at train station, take him out for meal, and then spend last hour at my home for some fun. Anyone know about him or have any suggestions??

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  2. Vato Loco

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    I doubt he is 'sting' material. And make sure that is a large meal you feed him, 5'11" 130 #'s? He needs a lot of meals.
  3. azdr0710

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    re: sting paranoia....though I'm not really a kisser, I've always liked jawjateck's suggestion to give a wet, sloppy kiss at the very beginning....no self-respecting member of law-enforcement would take that if they were out to get you, it's presumed.....also, do not talk about money at all during the meet (and tell him that ahead of time)....also, be wary of leading questions from the escort, like, "did you bring the condoms?"....

    I don't think this will be a sting, though, since he's coming to you and it's outside the SF jurisdiction
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  4. gateway558

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    Well we have to talk about money since he wants 1/2 upfront. No time did any discussion of sex come up. I make it a point of never discussing it before meeting.
  5. bigvalboy

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    Don't do it....[​IMG]
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  6. TruthBTold

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    Why do it. Plenty of regular of guys out there to go with one you are wary of. Also, sorry to say, he is not somebody I would be negotiating that hard with.
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  7. DonaldTramp

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    I question if that is even a boy.
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  8. jawjateck

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    azdr.....you know my playbook better than I do. :D
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  9. gateway558

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    interesting, so you are suggesting that "he" is a girl or tranny? that would be a "deal killer" for me. why do you say that?
  10. sincitymix

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    Im pretty sure that is a boy. a very pretty boy. he does need a sandwich or two.
    sigh. I remember when I was 5'9 130 :(
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  11. Gar1eth

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    Did you mean a sting or a scam? With him I'd be more worried about a scammer. Of course that is why he'd be an excellent stinger (i.e. Law enforcement)!!:p Make sure he is really at least 18.

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  12. azdr0710

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    gateway, the OP, said he was concerned about a sting
  13. Keith30309

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    My take on this is that the most simple explanation is the most likely -
    • no sting is going to go to this much trouble
    • he's not a fake- if I were a scammer I'd steal better pics
    • he may be a little flaky and high-maintenance ("don't waste my time")
    • I wouldn't pay anyone I didn't know anything in advance unless they had a really good rep
    • He's not a "that"-he's a human being worthy of common decency and respect
  14. gateway558

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    Sorry azdr0710, what did you mean OP was concerned about a sting. Who is OP?
  15. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    "OP" stands for "original poster"
  16. ed181

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    I can give you some specific guidance here. I met with him in San Francisco last month.

    First, he is authentic; his photos are indeed him and physically he is likely to fit the bill for many of us into boyish twinks.

    Second, he seemed to me to be very new to escorting, and possibly also very sexually unexperienced overall. He was very nervous and "giggly" which was a bit of a passion killer.

    Third, despite his advert stating that he is "open to anything" he really is not. He was not willing to bottom (and I didn't want him to top) and he won't suck unless you wear a condom. Don't get me wrong; he is perfectly entitled to make those decisions and decide for himself what he is willing to do. But it is essentially false advertising to characterize himself as "open to anything".

    Finally, his inexperience came across through various behaviors. Not content to see my donation on the nightstand, he started to count it note by note upfront, which I find gauche and again a passion killer - especially since he said he is not great at math so it was a bit laborious. Second, during our opening small talk, he was easily distracted by looking at his phone and choosing music to play rather than what I was playing.

    Overall, our 1-hour meeting was at best an okay experience, but I simply can't recommend him. If my current self was able to go back in time and advise my past self, I would not have made the appointment.
  17. gateway558

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    Ed 181, thank you very much for your input which is very helpful. It seems reasonable, being new to this business and lacking the experience would make him extra nervous and worried about the money. The insistence of a condom for oral would be a "deal breaker" for me. I had only one other person insist on that in my 15 years of doing this. I also find his rates a bit high given he really does not have much flexibility in what he would do.
  18. Truereview

    Truereview Peer

    Wow, Ed, what an informative response! Thank you for sharing. Have you thought about writing a review or is that already in the hopper with Daddy?
  19. EricDyu

    EricDyu Newbie

    Anyone have any recent info about this guy?
  20. bostonman

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    Now - there's "not great at math" and then there's "failed math every year in elementary school" - given that I assume you were dealing with standard bills and not a lot of change and myriad $1's (and even if you were...), it sounds like he falls in the latter category. Which to me would be extraordinarily unsexy.