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    Never used an escort before and have him booked in, any feedback? I read 1 negative comment. Thanks!
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    Always post a link so that we know who you're talking about. Welcome.
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  4. Getting lazy.. so cut and paste from an old thread (again)

    " I don't remember all his aliases and it sure was a heck of a lot easier to see them all on rentboy, but the same jackass has posted ads for Travis Taylor, Dylan Maguire, Ryan Ripley, Vegas Boy Troy, and Toby O'Brien for at least the past decade (occasionally varying the pictures) and give or take a few aliases. ... "

    In any case, what shows up, will not match what was advertised!
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  5. Never hired him! He is from what I have heared not all that good but .. I also do belive everyone deserves a shot ...