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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Jose Anmo, Jan 11, 2017.

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    looks hot, would love to know....
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    Very hot! Would love more info too!
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    Bighotisrael used to have ads in renrboy
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    I believe bighotisraeli used to go by the name Barak, about whom you'll find plenty in other threads.
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    Yes I'd be interested to know too!
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    he has a bad review on masseur finder.

    "I booked an appointment with Nick on Feb 9th after he told me he would still be in Philly. He texted me back and asked if we could do 9am, saying that would be amazing. I had no problem with that and even said can we do 830 since I will arrive in the city at 8, and this way we did not have to rush. He said ok. I even confirmed this at 10pm on the night before my appt. He even asked me if I would be interested in a 4 handed massage with his partner, which I politely declined. At 345am when I woke up, I received a text from Nick saying that he had to cancel the appt because his partner did not want to get up early to leave while he did an appt, and that they had long days. Well, I also had a long day, and the only reason why I was coming in to Philly, was to give you my business, and after you confirmed, I booked my bus ticket in to the city. If your so tired from your hard day, perhaps you should have not confirmed with me 3 hours prior, or get a new partner to work with or change your hours, or simply find another profession."

    capturing this before it's deleted.
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    Saw him once in NYC. Overall a good experience. He looks just like his pix. Had favorable comments in this forum too. Not excusing his actions in this case but maybe it was just an aberration.
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    jose, thanks for the info, sorry about your unfortunate experience.
    westguy, appreciate the info. tried to find info about him on forum without success. do you have a link i could follow?
    thanks again!
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    it wasn't my review, i was just reading on masseur finder and was surprised to see a negative review. So i copied it before it's removed.
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    Scorpioguy, I am not sure whether there was a separate thread about Nick or if he was mentioned in a thread on NYC masseurs, but I remember that the comments were positive.
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    Hey - I saw him. Just as hot in person. Massage skills non-existent but made up for it with LOTS of extras. Feel free to PM if you want more info.
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    I attest to that!
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