411 on Atlantic City's Beautiful Keith and Dolphb

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Rocky93, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Rocky93

    Rocky93 Journeyman

    I did meet up with him recently. What a great guy and he is in great shape. Well worth it. Plan to go back.
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  2. Nycbuilder

    Nycbuilder Master

    Dolph ignores my texts.
  3. NJmusclelover

    NJmusclelover Master

  4. NJmusclelover

    NJmusclelover Master

    Maybe ur not getting right number
    PM me I'll get u right number was texting him like 5 min ago
  5. DaddyCub

    DaddyCub Master

    It's really irritating when these guys, like Dolph, advertise for boyfriend experiences but won't do anything interactive like kissing or oral much less the rest. WTF do they think a BFE is? Meeting my parents?
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  6. Rocky93

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  7. WallaDude

    WallaDude Apprentice

    Does anyone know if either Dolph or Keith can give a good massage? I'm heading to AC, and can't seem to find something along the line of a good sensual massage...
  8. NJmusclelover

    NJmusclelover Master

    Keith maybe
  9. WallaDude

    WallaDude Apprentice

    Thanks NJmusclelover!
  10. Gar1eth

    Gar1eth Regent

    Well he lists himself as straight. So he probably does do BFEs -only with women. :confused:

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  11. NJmusclelover

    NJmusclelover Master

    Big kieth is pretty interactive
  12. Hercules_lover

    Hercules_lover Apprentice

    Am I wrong or Dolphb is a fireplug type of guy?
    He looks very interesting :D
  13. NJmusclelover

    NJmusclelover Master

    Dolph is really nice guy with a great ass and big muscles a real sweetheart
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