411 on Antuanperez/paz visiting NYC

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by dutchal, Jan 9, 2017.

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    he looks very much my type, am tempted......
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    So just left. Thumbs up. It's an average massage on a bed at a Times Sq hotel but he does put his back into it and has strong hand. Looks exactly like his pics and is super friendly and charming with an easy laugh. Much less the club-bouncer feel you get from those photos. Gets naked immediately and proceeds to put in on your back and butt while he massages. Total body contact. Crazy hot. Very affectionate and when I got too aggressive he reminded me it was a massage not escorting. No upsell no pricelist crap. Highly recommend while he's here -- for a week I think
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    Not Escorting? But his Rentmen ad says he does Escorting and BF Experience.
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    @MassageLuvr I am assuming that @MarkNY hired him specifically for a massage, perhaps via his MF ad. It sounds as though Mark assumed he was entitled to more than what that typically entails, and was succinctly put in place.
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    Any other reports on him, thinking of visiting before he leaves town.
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    He's probably 5'11. Somewhere he named himself as 6'2" but he's not. Totally proportional though, huge legs, nice equipment but again not crazy huge
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    Did you see him? I'm thinking about meeting the two (he is now do My 4 hands with another guy). PM me pls if you did